Delight, De-stress, Deliver–with 3D SLP {Product Review and Giveaway!!}

Last month I was contacted by Amy Kunstle, the creator of 3DSLP (   Don’t you just LOVE the clever name!?  3D stands for DE-light, DE- stress and DE-liver and boy does this company accomplish all three!  Amy is a registered dietician and speech-language pathologist (what an amazing combination of professions!)  in private practice in Southern Colorado. She is also the CEO and owner of 3DSLP.   Amy has been a pleasure to collaborate and correspond with over the past few weeks and has put her heart and soul  into launching this exciting new product and website. Today I am so ecstatic to tell you about her fun, high-quality, thoughtfully assembled, literacy-based “product box.”    You will be smiling  from ear to ear when you’re finished reading all about it—not to mention, it will make your busy SLP life a whole lot easier!

3dslp pic

I was greeted by this package on my front door after returning home from a long day of work and was giddy with excitement to get in the house and open it up!!

3d1The contents inside had me cheering out loud at my dining room table!   After an exhausting day,  I realized just how valuable and appreciated these materials would be in the upcoming weeks and months.   And please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE purchasing and creating  TpT materials and will continue to do so—but this product took all the downloading, copying, laminating and cutting out of the picture for me.  Plus I won’t need to stop by the dollar store, library or supermarket to pick up a few extra items to supplement my lesson—it’s all included in the package!  This product definitely got the “de-stress” part right!

3D SLP’s mission is simple.  On their website they state:  “We want to delight you, de-stress you and deliver to you educational resources that will make your job more fun and your life easier. Our literacy-based box and website of rich resources are designed just for you.”

I couldn’t agree more!   Their dynamic subscription box contains a carefully chosen book, suggested target goals, complementary apps, manipulatives, coordinated craft projects, custom worksheets and extension-learning ideas as well as a very thoughtful thank you gift.

Wondering who could benefit from this product?

The box is designed for professionals engaging with school-aged children in the realms of speech-language pathology, education, special education, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE), Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) and home-school environments. It is also appropriate for families interested in promoting literacy-based activities with their children. These materials can be used individually or with a group and provide multiple learning opportunities across a range of literacy, language and social-interaction goals.

So here is exactly what I found inside my box of goodies:


Upon opening this professionally curated box, I was greeted by items wrapped with “3dslp” logo tissue paper and glossy finished colored pamphlets, folders and activities!   I felt like a kid at Christmas time as I reached into the sturdy, beautifully designed  box to view my treasures.  Inside I found a Scholastic book: “One Cool Friend” by Toni Buzzeo and several other materials that address the theme “Fall is for Friendship.”  I love this message for the back to school months.   This is when so many kids initialize new friendships and re-connect with old friends.   The penguin theme is another plus!  I can pull out these materials again when the cold winter months hit here in the Northeast as well.

3d3Along with the book, I received:

  • a pre-reading activity page with questions and vocabulary to address prior to reading the story
  • a full-color glossy print, penguin-themed ”Chillin’ and Spillin’ ” game board printed on sturdy paper , for use with the book,
  • a penguin craftivity template with a materials list and directions for using the craftivity conjunction with the book
  • a six-page pamphlet to accompany the materials that includes game rules for the game board, leveled vocabulary lists (easy, medium, hard), leveled reading comprehension questions (i.e.:  How does the problem in the story get resolved? Who had a secret in the house? What is the setting of the story?) , ideas related to articulation goals and “thinking outside the box,” and leveled questions geared toward social/emotional goals (i.e.: Have you ever made a friend feel happy? sad? What did you do to make that friendship better?)

3d4Also contained in the box:

  • A package of Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish crackers.   I was famished and almost ripped into them before realizing they were needed for the craftivity game!!
  • A set of adorable plastic penguin manipulatives (momma and three baby penguins included) to be used with the game board provided.


3d5The box seemed bottomless as I pulled out  more surprises…..

A $10 iTunes gift card for use with the suggested animal-themed apps (a set of questions is included as an activity to use along with the recommended apps)

And finally a special gift just for you!  I opened my lovely wildflower seed paper (which can also be recycled by planting in soil) to be greeted by the perfumed fragrance of Dead Sea Salt and Pacific Sea Salt blend.   The beads can added to your bath or placed in your dresser drawer to leave it smelling like a field of flowers! Such a thoughtful little addition to this box of therapy treasures  and so relevant to the “de-stress” portion of the company’s motto!!!


3d6So by now your face must be hurting from smiling so wide!   Are you loving this wonderful service and interested in how to obtain your own box of therapy materials that will Delight, Destress and  Deliver?

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for a subscription,  you will be mailed a themed literacy-based box (appropriate for children ages 5-11.)  These materials can be used individually or with a group and provide multiple learning opportunities across a range of literacy, language and social interaction goals.   Each box is $45.00 (including shipping).   The box is shipped on the 20th of the month with 3-5 days expected shipping time .  You will received a new shipment every month (auto-renewal) unless you decide to cancel your subscription.  You can find all the ordering-related details on the company’s website.

Additionally, your monthly subscription will include access to their website (officially launching in October 2014),  detailed information on use of the box including Common Core information, and three feature articles. There is also a community-based members forum where you can engage with other members about various practice topics.

Their resources gallery is another feature of the website and showcases apps, blogs, books, products and course announcements.  This is sure to be a valuable source of information, with   so much to see and make reference to all in one central location!

November’s theme will be  “A Recipe for Adventure” with the book “How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World.”  I will be a guest blogger as part of their “Delight” column in November with some fun ways to use apples in the home or therapy setting while addressing speech and language development.

Interested in checking out  the product for yourself?

Amy was extremely generous and is offering this product box as a giveaway on my blog!  There will be one lucky winner!!  The giveaway is open to anyone living within the Continental United States.  Contest ends at midnight on Sunday September 28th!

If you would like to receive a high quality, professional and thoughtful product to use in your speech and language sessions,  then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.  You are in for a special speechie treat that is sure to  Delight, De-stress and Deliver!

(Click below to enter!)
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Disclosure Statement: The opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.  3D SLP provided me with a product box to review.

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68 comments on “Delight, De-stress, Deliver–with 3D SLP {Product Review and Giveaway!!}

  1. Wow, I think this is a great idea!!

  2. Christina on said:

    Love this idea. It would be nice to have this as part of therapy when I’m needing something new for my students.

  3. This would be perfect for the variety if ages I work with! I love incorporating literacy into each session!

  4. Michellejg on said:

    Thanks for reviewing this product. I’ve been quite curious about it.

  5. Melissa white on said:

    I have just learned of 3dslp, I think ts such a wonderful idea. This would greatly benefit my career as an slp, just starting out. Help me with planning, something I need to improve at

  6. This would be a great way to get new ideas.

  7. This would save so much time, just to have everything already planned and made.

  8. would love to have this box for an easy therapy go-to any time of the month that I may need it. Sometimes you need something you can pull out without thinking or worrying about whether the student will be engaged. I am also thinking of the crazy meetings or progress reports that often consume our time. This would make therapy simple!

  9. I love my box. I met them at ASHA schools and fell in love with the idea. Like others have said it is nice to have something already planned so it is ready to go. I can’t wait for the next box.

  10. Awesome giveaway!! This would be so practical and make lesson planning for my kiddos much easier! Would love to try this product!

  11. This looks like and awesome kit!! It would be great to have everything at the same time and not have to make a run to the dollar store!!

  12. Nanette Cote on said:

    I would love to save myself a trip to the Dollar Tree, Staples for ink, and Walmart for laminating sheets by winning this handy box! Thanks for the detailed review and giveaway.

  13. Deb Oliva on said:

    What a great idea. Sounds like it would be so useful for busy SLP’s!

  14. This is such a great idea! I could use any help I can get with planning time and material preparation!

  15. Judy Hale on said:

    Wow, amazing things in the box, and all ready to go! Like it was delivered by the good fairies–I so want this!

  16. Susan S. on said:

    this would be great for so many of my students!

  17. I have never heard of 3D SLP so thanks for sharing!
    My new project for the year is to use books in therapy.
    I use them very infrequently.
    3D SLP will definitely help me with this new goal for the year!

  18. I’d love to see an Early Intervention version! I work in a birth-to-five program. I can see signing myself up for it to have some ready-to-go materials, as well as a happy surprise – who doesn’t love happy surprises in the mail? I can also totally see getting a one-off box for a co-worker or new SLP grad as a present or thank you.

  19. Annie Doyle on said:

    I love this idea. Seems like each box is extremely comprehensive.

  20. I actually think this would e a great gift for a speechie friend!

  21. Angie Loomis on said:

    I am ALWAYS looking for new and exciting lessons/books/activities to do with my students who have a wide variety of abilities and interests. I would love to bring a box to school and build a lesson around “what’s in the box?”

  22. What a clever way of designing a theme- based kit! This would be a very convenient and useful gift!

  23. what a great concept and time saver!

  24. Brilliant concept! I’m hooked!

  25. Katie S. on said:

    What a fantastic idea and product! This would be so helpful to have lessons already planned around a book. I’m sure it would be easy to tweak the ideas to fit students’ goals. I’m always looking for more ideas on incorporating literacy into therapy sessions!

  26. Erica Heatherington on said:

    I love using books and themes to target a variety of speech and language goals but don’t always have the time to gather all the materials to create a theme box and lessons. This would be a life saver each month when I feel like I’m running out of ideas and need something new to use in therapy!! Thank you for sharing very excited to learn about 3D SLP!

  27. I am always looking for new material to use in my sessions. It is going to be great to find everything in one box.

  28. I love to do themes and this looks like a perfect way to do that.

  29. Susannah Koffman on said:

    Great idea! Something I may check out!!

  30. Love this idea and the contents of this box. It would be a great addition to my already established penguin theme. Thanks so much for the give away! Good luck.

  31. This is fabulous! I had not heard of this company yet. I’m excited to see what the future brings for them.

  32. i am always looking for new ideas in the speech room, and I love having themes! The kids love it too!

  33. Wow What a way to end a long day! This product looks so appealing and original. The creativity of so many SLP’s never ceases to amaze me.

  34. Amanda Bivens on said:

    This box is AMAZING! It had be giddy as well. I would love to win this to try it out! I will definitely be checking more into this company! Thank you for the great blog post!

  35. How cool, I have been offering something very similar for about a year now and it is well received. Great to see others jumping on board. Congrats to this company and welcome!

  36. Patricia on said:

    This sounds like it will be a great idea. This will be helpful in focusing in more in my students needs and open more ideas for great fun therapy

  37. I love to have themes and would love to try this with my students!

  38. Great idea! Sounds wonderful!

  39. I can’t wait to try one if these well thought out and planned boxes!

  40. Great idea!

  41. What a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. slpsally on said:

    thank you for bringing this to the slp “public”!

  43. Cassandra S. on said:

    I am always looking for new ideas to spice up my therapy. And I love incorporating children’s books into my therapy sessions. I love the possibility this product would expose me to ideas…and BOOKS…that I might not otherwise think of or see elsewhere. It’s a bonus that it comes packed full of accompanying materials to implement those ideas in therapy. :) Thanks for the review (and introduction to this product; I hadn’t previously heard about it) and opportunity!

  44. Lindsey Broom on said:

    What a great idea! I’m interested to check it out because I am so busy that planning and getting materials together for sessions is so difficult! This seems like such an amazing resource and time-saver for busy SLPs!!!’

  45. This is a wonderful idea! What a great gift this would be to a busy SLP! Love it!

  46. Carol Simmons on said:

    This would make life easier!

  47. As a future SLP this would be great to start getting activities for my career.

  48. This looks great, theme based with all the pieces pulled together. It’d eliminate my problem of not quite getting pieces laminated!

  49. Sounds awesome…. like Stitch Fix for therapy materials!

  50. Courtney Petersen on said:

    I love using literacy themes in therapy. I find it to be an effective way to target many different goals across different age levels. I would love to try the 3DSLP box. The fact that it is all prepared and stress free is really appealing. Thank you for this opportunity!

  51. Ruth Ness on said:

    These look like amazing materials. Great organization and themed units would certainly make planning and carrying out therapy much easier!!

  52. Wow!! This looks awesome! I would love to try it with my elementary kids.

  53. Suzanne Borzilleri on said:

    This is an amazing idea! I am always looking for new and exciting ideas, especially comprehensive activities where I can target multiple goals. This box would help me spice up my current activities!

  54. Elizabeth on said:

    This is a great idea! Who doesn’t love getting packages!?

  55. Stephanie on said:

    too cool!

  56. America Salyers on said:

    I’m always looking for literacy-based activities for my students. Finding the right book, coming up with a range of language and artic activities, finding an appropriate game to go along with the theme–It is a lot of work!! I would absolutely love to try out this product!! Plus, I could totally use the De-stress portion of that box!!!

  57. Valerie S. on said:

    Would love this!! What a great idea!

  58. This looks a-mazing. I would totally subscribe even if I didn’t win it :)

  59. Beth Spencer on said:

    I would definitely like to try this out to see if it covers all my groups and different needs.

  60. This looks so great!! So much info in one box. What a time saver!!!

  61. Raelynne Lorenz on said:

    I’ve been wondering about this product and am thrilled that someone who has at least seen it, would share that information. A subscription may need to be on my birthday list!

  62. Cristina on said:

    Would live a little 3D in the mail! I am in need of all 3 of them. Great idea!

  63. This is a fantastic idea!

  64. I love this idea of a subscription to awesome materials!

  65. What a cool idea!

  66. This looks amazing! It would cut so much time out of planning for groups. The amount of materials and ideas that come in each box seems unimaginable!!

  67. This is the COOLEST idea!!! :)

  68. What a great idea! This would save me so much prep and planning time!

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