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Sequencing Pizza—-{with SpeechSnacks for “first, next, last” and good listening skills}


Is it a pizza?  Is it a burger?? It’s both—and your kids will love it!!!  And to close out the month of March with another “green” recipe—I’ve topped this pizza-burger with some healthy salad greens.  I used arugula but any leafy greens will work—romaine, spinach, kale—take your pick.  Top it with a light dressing like balsamic vinagrette or squeezed lemon with olive oil, light salt and pepper. 

Let the kiddos help press and roll out the dough, add the toppings in proper sequence as you have them repeat them back to you and you’ve turned your healthy dinner into a language lesson.    This week I’ve included a sequencing/listening game, a fun pizza itunes app, a recipe for edible play-doh so they can have fun playing with their foods and a pizza themed toy to play at home or in your speech lessons.   There’s enough pizza burger fun to keep ‘em happy, healthy and busy for quite a while! Continue reading “Sequencing Pizza—-{with SpeechSnacks for “first, next, last” and good listening skills}” »

Holy Guacamole!! “Going Green” in March–with speechsnacks for GREEN idioms


March is here!   And with it, we welcome Dr. Suess Day, St. Patty’s Day, the first day of spring—all represented by the color GREEN!  So Speechsnacks will be featuring GREEN recipes throughout the month.    Nature provides us with some beautiful shades of green, many of which can be found in the foods we eat (or should be eating!)  Throw out the green food coloring and try some real green foods that not only taste amazing, but contain incredible amount of nutrients.    On today’s menu, Homemade Guacamole Dip.  Enjoy a batch while you catch up on the March Madness College basketball scene—or if that’s not your thing, enjoy it with a beverage of your choice as you celebrate St. Patty’s Day with your lads and lassies!  

And don’t forget to check out the speech and language activities that will center around the GREEN theme as well!  Today’s “speechsnacks” are geared to your upper elementary and middle school kiddos as we explore idioms that contain the word GREEN.  And learn the names of those awesome shades of GREEN in your crayola box that you may have never really paid attention to before.   And have fun playing the idiom game while earning some “green” .       

Continue reading “Holy Guacamole!! “Going Green” in March–with speechsnacks for GREEN idioms” »

Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Casserole— {with SpeechSnacks for Dr. Seuss’ birthday! }


March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday (and National Read Across America Day!!)  And of course I  couldn’t resist the opportunity to post a recipe inspired by the title of one of his most popular children’s books, Green Eggs and Ham.    I know Dr. Seuss would have enjoyed my rendition of Green Eggs and Ham—and I hope you do too!!        Keep scrolling through this week’s post for some great ideas to use in therapy while reading Green Eggs and Ham with your kiddos, as well as some very amusing ways one Principal connects with his students on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, and finally a great activity from the world of “apps” that’s all about CATS!!   Continue reading “Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Casserole— {with SpeechSnacks for Dr. Seuss’ birthday! }” »

Heart Healthy Hummus–{with SpeechSnacks for “Fruit & Veggie Hide-and-Seek” }

055 - 3.0 K

February is American Heart Month!  Celebrate by taking control of your health to prevent heart disease–and make it a family affair!! It is never too early to teach children about how their hearts benefit from a  good diet and lots of exercise.  By reinforcing an active lifestyle and proper eating habits, you can teach  children, by example, how to keep their hearts in good shape. You can,  additionally, teach children how the heart works and the importance of taking  good care of themselves.

Fresh fruits and vegetables play a big role in keeping your heart healthy.  Today’s simple hummus recipe is packed full of nutrients that will keep your heart pumping strong!! Continue reading “Heart Healthy Hummus–{with SpeechSnacks for “Fruit & Veggie Hide-and-Seek” }” »

Sweet Hearts for your sweethearts—{and “SpeechSnacks” to win your hearts!}


It’s all about HEARTS in this week’s post! In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s 1- a quick and creative sweet treat (chocolate heart pretzels), 2-a healthy fruit treat (strawberry hearts and arrowsand 3- a few speech and language treats (Valentine themed games)—to win the hearts of all my ”SpeechSnacks” Valentines! Continue reading “Sweet Hearts for your sweethearts—{and “SpeechSnacks” to win your hearts!}” »

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