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Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Casserole— {with SpeechSnacks for Dr. Seuss’ birthday! }


March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday (and National Read Across America Day!!)  And of course I  couldn’t resist the opportunity to post a recipe inspired by the title of one of his most popular children’s books, Green Eggs and Ham.    I know Dr. Seuss would have enjoyed my rendition of Green Eggs and Ham—and I hope you do too!!        Keep scrolling through this week’s post for some great ideas to use in therapy while reading Green Eggs and Ham with your kiddos, as well as some very amusing ways one Principal connects with his students on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, and finally a great activity from the world of “apps” that’s all about CATS!!   Continue reading “Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Casserole— {with SpeechSnacks for Dr. Seuss’ birthday! }” »

Heart Healthy Hummus–{with SpeechSnacks for “Fruit & Veggie Hide-and-Seek” }

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February is American Heart Month!  Celebrate by taking control of your health to prevent heart disease–and make it a family affair!! It is never too early to teach children about how their hearts benefit from a  good diet and lots of exercise.  By reinforcing an active lifestyle and proper eating habits, you can teach  children, by example, how to keep their hearts in good shape. You can,  additionally, teach children how the heart works and the importance of taking  good care of themselves.

Fresh fruits and vegetables play a big role in keeping your heart healthy.  Today’s simple hummus recipe is packed full of nutrients that will keep your heart pumping strong!! Continue reading “Heart Healthy Hummus–{with SpeechSnacks for “Fruit & Veggie Hide-and-Seek” }” »

Sweet Hearts for your sweethearts—{and “SpeechSnacks” to win your hearts!}


It’s all about HEARTS in this week’s post! In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s 1- a quick and creative sweet treat (chocolate heart pretzels), 2-a healthy fruit treat (strawberry hearts and arrowsand 3- a few speech and language treats (Valentine themed games)—to win the hearts of all my ”SpeechSnacks” Valentines! Continue reading “Sweet Hearts for your sweethearts—{and “SpeechSnacks” to win your hearts!}” »

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL??? TOUCHDOWN TACO DIP {with “Speech Snacks” for /t/ & /d/—practice worksheets included}


Superbowl Sunday is this weekend and it’s sure to draw millions of Americans to their TV sets again this year. While some of us are only interested in all the entertaining million-dollar commercials inserted between the football action, others of us find it a great opportunity to have a mid-winter party and eat (and drink) a lot!!  Still there are those of us who have a vested interest in watching the actual game and rooting for their team of choice.  If you live on the East Coast in particular you may be finding yourself a little more interested in who wins since the teams are from New York and New England.  Personally, my favorite teams are out of the running (first it was the Philadelphia Eagles, then the Denver Bronco’s–sorry Tim Tebow, but you are still my favorite quarterback—and then the Baltimore Ravens).  With all my favorites out of the running, I find my interest turning to the commercials and yummy snack foods.  My nine-year-old son was introduced to the specifics of the game this year as he played on a team this fall.  He loves the game and will be back to play next season, so I will join the ranks of the worrying but supportive mom’s who watch the action on the sideline.  My husband, a die-hard football fan will be partaking in all aspects of the Super Bowl experience–the food, the commercials and of course the game.  With all this football interest in my household, I always prepare a spread of snacks appropriate for game day.  Today’s recipe is  a simple dip that I’ve revised slightly.  Continue reading “Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL??? TOUCHDOWN TACO DIP {with “Speech Snacks” for /t/ & /d/—practice worksheets included}” »

“Easy-Peezy” (Kid Friendly) Apple Pie {with “Speech Snacks” for /l/}


If your kids like to help you cook in the kitchen,  then you are sure to have a great time preparing this recipe together.    And if they are working on the /l/ sound, you will find lots of opportunities to reinforce this sound, work on direction following, practice sequencing steps and your older kids will have a chance to practically apply their knowledge of fractions.

When my son was in preschool, we took a cooking class together.  This is one of the many fun recipes we learned to prepare.  It’s been many years since we took that cooking class—(time sure flies the older we get)—and  I still enjoy making this simple apple pie with him and reliving the memories of that special “mommy-son time” we shared! Continue reading ““Easy-Peezy” (Kid Friendly) Apple Pie {with “Speech Snacks” for /l/}” »

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