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“Are we there yet?” {and an end-of-the-school-year FREEBIE!}

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”   No, I’m not referring to a popularly annoying phrase uttered by children as they endure the long car ride during your travels.    I’m referring to the voice inside my own head that keeps wondering when the school year will be over!   “Are we there yet?”  Almost!!” Just a little bit longer. We will be there soon!”  I keep repeating the monologue to myself in order to stay energized and focused.  Funny how these words can apply so perfectly to both of these scenarios!  My school year has just a few days remaining and I intend to make the most of them!  My middle and high school kiddos need to stay motivated and interested so I created a freebie in my TpT store as a means of keeping all of us engaged for just a little longer.

I created “School’s Out for the Summer—A Language Activity for Middle and High School Students”as an open-ended/“WH” question activity geared toward middle and high school students with an “end-of-the-school year” theme.

It includes:
•8 question cards/scenarios related to situations experienced at the end of the school year.
•8 speech and thought bubbles to fill in and/or discuss  (great for addressing social skills and making predictions)
•12 “Summer Suggestions” cards and a blank “To Do” list to keep tweens and teens busy and boredom-free all summer long! Use these cards as a discussion exercise or challenge them to create a summer to-do list (including some of these ideas.) You can ask them to be prepared to talk about the “summer suggestion” that they followed through with when they return.

School's Out for the Summer!{FREE} Language Activity for m

This freebie activity can be used to target many speech and language skills including: answering questions, naming tasks, good sentence structure, social language/conversation skills, making predictions, fluency and articulation.  And if you like these character graphics, then stay tuned because  Anna, Chris, Mary, Liz , Kelly, Joe and the rest of the gang will be returning when the new school year begins!!  (Follow my store and you’ll know when they are back in town to make another appearance!)

“Are we there yet?”  Well, not yet, but my internal GPS indicates that I am just a few “miles” away from summer break!  I can’t wait until I reach my destination!


S….peachy Feedback Linky Party!










Nicole at SpeechPeeps is hosting the final S…peachy Feedback link up of the school year and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the party!   I am always grateful when buyers take the time to leave a few kind words about the products I create.  Not only does it motivate me to make more great activities, it also provides me with valuable information about what they thought of the activity and how effective it was in their therapy sessions.

This month, we are choosing feedback on two of our products—one paid and one free.  Check out the comments below to see if I chose yours!

My paid item was something I created back in March, but the buyer just left great feedback this past week .  It was so thoughtful and complimentary, that I had to post it.  I can’t wait to get started making more Language Advisor products this summer, so be on the lookout for other language activities in this series!

Like many of my products, this freebie item is geared toward the middle and high school crowd.   I’m always  looking for new ways to keep the older kiddos engaged and motivated and the comments left on this activity were a reflection of that.

speachy feedback may


Doyle Speech Works and “Buyer” (you know who you are–I’m going by the honor code on this one folks!) please email me at  I’d love to offer each of you something from my store!


Celebrating Memorial Day with FREEdom FREEBIES

This week my younger students  have been making a quick craftivity to commemorate Memorial Day.   I call it a Freedom Wreath!


freedom wreath


I helped them  trace their hands on red, white and blue paper and then glued them together to form a circular wreath and then added yellow stars.  I told them we are “putting our hands together” for all those who served our country.  I explained what this expression meant and demonstrated it in action.  We all took turns clapping for the brave men and women who have fought to defend our country.  On  the fingers of the wreath and the stars, you can display target words related to articulation or vocabulary currently being addressed.   Students can take home their wreaths and share them with their family.

With my older students this week, we are discussing background information regarding the origin of the Memorial Day holiday.    We are comparing Memorial Day to Veteran’s Day.  I am realizing that so many of my students have no idea why we actually celebrated this day. I am also  learning many facts along with them  about the similarities and differences between these two patriotic holidays.

mem day venn pic


We referenced this website which clearly explains the difference between both days and organized our information into a Venn diagram which you can download here.



If you are celebrating the upcoming weekend with a cookout, here is an old post  I wrote for a delicious and healthy version of s’mores!  There’s another freebie included in this post for a camping auditory memory game so check it out here!!


Racing to the finish line with a giveaway!

Are you counting down the days until the school year is done?  Are you still swamped by the paperwork and meetings?  Well the home stretch is near my friends.   And by home stretch I mean that light at the end of the tunnel, that ribbon pulled across the finish line that you are yearning to break through!  You’re almost there.  The school year is truly like a marathon and you’re about to cross that finish line.   You’ve trained hard, paced  yourself, pushed through when you were feeling that you couldn’t go another step further.   But you’re a little dehydrated and one last guzzle of water will help you make it to the end—-and today I’m having a giveaway for two products that are going to give you the energy you need to make it to the end and finish strong!

First, my Better Hearing and Speech Month Packet is the perfect way to get you through the month and contains materials for all levels!!  It’s filled with activities to celebrate and create awareness during BHSM!!  Check out all the details about this product in my TpT store!

bhsm cover


bhsm sample


And you can also win my Ladybug Picnic Packet.   It targets so many areas: articulation, auditory processing, direction following and it has a Memorial Day and picnic theme!   You can preview this packet in my TpT store!!



You can win BOTH of these products in my giveaway.  I think they will keep your students happy and busy for the next few weeks,  so be sure to pick up the pace and join the pack–It’s your chance to finish the race with some energy to spare!  I’m cheering for you at the finish line!!

(And be sure to check out my Ladybug themed video!!   {{My acting skills are still a work in progress so be kind!}}  I’ll show you how to effectively use food in your therapy sessions!   We’re making a Ladybug Salad while working on spatial concepts and other language targets! PS–pay close attention because there is a questions in the giveaway that has to do with the video!)


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, May 18th!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Mother’s Day Tribute—and a freebie!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts and the special, kind and giving women who care for others !  We certainly don’t need a special day or reason to say thank you to these great women, but it is nice to take some time out of our busy lives to acknowledge them for all they do!

Although Mother’s Day will have come and gone by Monday morning, I created this  FREE Mother’s Day activity page that you can use as a follow up activity after Mother’s Day or print it out and save it for next year! I used the awesome web site   to make this fun word cloud which contains words that reflect the many “hats” that mom’s wear.  Have your student’s make connections and draw inferences about how and why these words are related to a mom.   Use the other discussion questions to address articulation, fluency, conversation skills, sentence building and other language targets.

mom words pix



My son’s 5th grade class had secretly been practicing this song for weeks with the help of their teachers.  On Friday, the teacher’s email the parents a video of the class paying tribute to their mom’s with this rendition of “I Want A Mom that Will Last Forever,” originally written and performed by Cyndi Lauper!   I can’t show you their beautiful faces due to privacy policies, however, rest assure, I balled my eyes out!!   Below I am sharing the original version of the song accompanied by a Disney video.  Get your tissues ready!


The most amazing gift in the world to me is my child and the most amazing job in the world to me (besides being an SLP) is being a mother!   I think this picture of me and my son (as a newborn) sums it up best.  I walk past it every day and never get tired of looking at it!

mothers day pict


I couldn’t complete this post without giving thanks to my own mom!   She raised four children, worked full time,  and is the most amazing cook you could ever imagine!  She has always been and continues to be a true inspiration!  She encouraged me to choose my professional path, and has always been a role model that I continue to try and live up to!   Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all those women who lead by example and inspire others to be the best they can be every day!



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