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Thanksgiving Spaghetti Squash–with an Italian Twist!—{and “SpeechSnacks” for /s/ blends}

The first time I made this vegetable for my family, they honestly thought I had prepared a plate of spaghetti.  At first glance this unique vegetable does resemble the long thin strands of pasta that we are so accustomed to seeing on the dinner table with meat sauce or meatballs.  But if you look more closely, you will notice differences in color, texture, smell and of course taste. And while I love a plate of pasta for dinner, this dish is a nice change of pace and so healthful and nutritious!  This recipe contains ingredients that are associated with a Thanksgiving feast, namely squash and turkey, but with a twist—the Italian flavors found in tomatoes, onions and garlic.  Enjoy Thanksgiving and Italian cooking all in one dish.  ”Buono Thanksgiving!” Continue reading “Thanksgiving Spaghetti Squash–with an Italian Twist!—{and “SpeechSnacks” for /s/ blends}” »

Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips with Cream Cheese-Walnut Dip—{with Speech Snacks for /s/ and /s/ blends}


Once again, I am using the very versatile tortilla to create another recipe.  Previously I have used them to make Tortilla Pizza’s and a Turkey Tortilla Wrap.  The tortilla is back to make another appearance–this time as a sweet snack.   I have found similar snack products on the shelves of my grocery store, however  I like knowing that the foods I am eating and feeding my family were made with just a few ingredients and made at home by me, whenever possible–and often times, it’s much more economical and fun to do so!   This treat is a great substitute for potato chips, crackers or cookies. They are a crunchy, sweet treat to add to your kid’s lunch boxes too!   Check out the video demonstration that will show you ways to incorporate the /s/ sound while making the chips!!  Continue reading “Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips with Cream Cheese-Walnut Dip—{with Speech Snacks for /s/ and /s/ blends}” »

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