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“Speech is Like a Box of Chocolates….” A sweet treat and language craftivity


It’s all about HEARTS in this week’s post! In preparation for St. Valentine’s Day, here’s 1- a quick and creative sweet treat (chocolate heart pretzels), 2-a healthy fruit treat (strawberry hearts and arrows) and 3- a speech and language treat—–”Speech is like a box of chocolates….” because in this game, you never know what you’re going to get! —with FIVE areas of language/listening skills addressed!  AND a fun craftivity for making your own box to keep all your “chocolates.”

** this activity was created with your upper elementary/middle school and even high school students in mind!!  You can find it in my TeachersPayTeachers store here!!!!









Pages 4-6: Chocolate box templates.  For better durability, print onto card stock


Pages 7-13:  84 Chocolate cards for addressing the following areas:  Synonyms,  antonyms,  expressions (idioms),  auditory memory, fill in the blanks with compound words.  All words used in this game have a love/valentine theme.

**Cut cards and laminate for durability

Pages 14-28:  84 total game cards for carrying out tasks in each area.  12 cards for each language skill addressed.  Answer key included for each.

Page 29: “create an acrostic poem” writing page—use one of the synonyms/antonyms from the game to create your own poem to give to someone special on Valentines Day!

Page 30: “speechsnacks” collectible recipe card for making chocolate covered pretzel hearts and “hearts and arrows.” Hole punch and add to a 3-ring binder.

To play game:  add all chocolate cards to the assembled box. Be sure to mix up cards well.  Players take turns picking a card from the box and answering questions.  Special candy hearts, broken hearts and band-aid hearts will ask player to give up candies, earn extra candy, earn extra turn, lose all candy.

Customize game according to goals being addressed—use all sets of cards for addressing all areas or just a couple specific areas.


How to assemble the Chocolate Box for “Speech is like a box of chocolates” game:




1. cut out the download from my TpT site—be sure to use card stock—computer paper will be too flimsy!



2.  Fold each of the large pieces on the solid lines, then fold into half-boxes.  A glue stick will do the job just fine.




3.  Insert one half of the box into the other half and and glue the side flaps together.




4. Make the lid by folding along the solid lines and gluing the sides together.




5.  Your finished box will look like this.  Let your students help you assemble this box as a great way to work on direction following and sequencing.  Enjoy!



I can’t think of an easier homemade treat that’s fun for the whole family to make together. I used medium-sized salted thin pretzels. You can use larger ones too, but they tend to break easier while dipping them.


I used dark chocolate to increase the health-value of this treat. Melt 2-3 cups of chocolate over very low heat in a saucepan. Carefully dip each pretzel using a fork. Tap off the excess chocolate. To make your pretzels look more “heart-like” , fill in the holes with additional chocolate once you have placed them on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet.


In an effort to keep these treats semi-healthy, I used dark chocolate M&M’s broken into pieces, dried cranberries–coarsely chopped, dried coconut and crystallized ginger, also cut into smaller pieces.  Let your kiddos have fun sprinkling the toppings onto the dipped pretzels!


Place pretzels into the freezer for approx 10 minutes to harden.


Enjoy your beautiful homemade sweet treats with your sweethearts! Ask your kids to repeat the sequence of steps used to make these hearts.  Print out and cut out the pictures to provide a visual cue when sequencing.



Use whole strawberries to make “hearts with arrows”. Simply cut the green leaves off the top, slice the strawberry in half so that both halves are symmetrical. Insert a toothpick (arrow)through the side of the berry halves to hold them together. Be careful to remove toothpick when serving to young children!


  • Use this quick and simple treat to address the concepts of HALF and WHOLE with your kiddos….compare the whole-vs- cut strawberries.
  • Try cutting a strawberry in half  so that both halves are perfectly equal…then talk about EQUAL and NOT EQUAL or SAME and DIFFERENT!
  • Name other red foods/name other fruits to build categorization skills
  • Wow…didn’t realize you could learn so much from a strawberry!!


Touchdown Taco Dip–and speechsnacks for Phonological Awareness Football!

fball cover page

Football season is still going strong!  The new year brings college bowl games, playoffs and the Super Bowl!  So in keeping with the sport of choice that entertains many of us during the winter months, I am sharing Touchdown Taco Dip to bring to your next football party.  To accompany it,  I have created a game—Phonological Awareness Football –appropriate for your young sports enthusiasts.  Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store for a fun game worth cheering about—GO TEAM!

Phonological Awareness Football—Play TWO ways!

This download includes 21 pages:



2 pages of five color-coded helmet categories including: syllable segmentation……


…identifying if word pairs rhyme



… identifying how many syllables are in each word, and sounds that begin and end words.



Blank cards for each category are also included to add your own words to cards.

Game 1 is played similarly to Candy Land—Cut and laminate cards for durability.  Shuffle cards well and place in a pile.  Pick a football card and move to the colored helmet that corresponds with the one on the card.  Use the Game Key as a guide for asking your students to carry out the task.  i.e.—if you pick a yellow helmet=“how many syllables are in the word football?” , pick a green helmet= “listen to all the parts of the word and tell me the word:  g/a/me”

 Game 2 is called “Complete the Pass”  Cut out the hand templates (or trace your student’s hands and use them instead!)  Tape the paper hands to a wall.  Respond to the cards using the Game Key (as in Game 1), but have your student close their eyes and try to place the football between the hands—no peeking! (put a piece of tape on the back of the card before they place it).  Whoever gets closest to putting the footballs directly between the hands scores a point!  Be sure to have them stand a couple feet away to start, then spin them around once or twice and have them walk to the wall (think Pin the Tail on the Donkey)


**keep in mind that ALL the words in this game are related to football vocabulary—use the game cards to create your own version of the game for targeting language goals

A collectible “speechsnacks” recipe card is included in the download for Touchdown Taco Dip—-the perfect dish for your football playoffs or Super Bowl party!!  This recipe is easy to make and can be use for practicing sequencing and direction following with your kiddos!  Let your kids SPREAD, SPRINKLE, POUR and STIR.  Have your child use these key words when DESCRIBING the recipe process. An adult should heat the mixture on the stove top  and chop the scallions, however the majority of this recipe is very child-centered!!   Print out the pictures and use them to RECALL and SEQUENCE the steps.

You can find the complete activity at  my TpT store!


Ingredients: this simple recipe contains 1 can refried beans, (refried beans are vegetarian and fat free!!!) 1 teaspoon taco seasoning, 1 16 oz jar salsa–I prefer mild, 3/4 cup Greek strained yogurt (but sour cream can be used as well) , 1 cup shredded cheddar/jack cheese, 3 chopped green onions


I love to use Greek  strained yogurt.  Notice the thick, rich consistency of this yogurt.


I use taco seasoning often. I prefer a jar of seasoning instead of the seasoning packets. It lasts longer, is more economical  and contains much less sodium than the packaged brand name Mexican seasonings


Over low heat, mix the content of one can of refried beans, a small amount of salsa and the taco seasoning. Mix well until heated.


Spread mixture into an 8X8 inch glass pan.


Pour and spread one 16 oz jar of salsa onto the bean layer


Next, spoon on the yogurt. Due to it’s thickness, it may not spread evenly. I like to place small spoonfuls over the salsa layer and then spread gently. If it mixes in with the salsa, no worries–no one will ever notice!


Sprinkle cheese layer evenly over the yogurt.


Finally, chop green onions and evenly sprinkle over cheese. You can also add red and/or green peppers, black olives or any other toppings you think would work with these flavors.  Enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips and a refreshing drink of choice!










The Juiciest Turkey Ever! {with a freebie for direction following and sequencing}

turkey pict 1 

Welcome to the most stressful and most delicious time of year.  If you aren’t ready for the holiday season yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone!  It sneaks up on many of us so unexpectedly and without warning—kind of the same way the farmer sneaks up on Mr. Turkey just before he meets his final fate!  The poor guy is so fattened up by the time November arrives, he doesn’t stand a chance at escaping the reach of an agile, determined and hungry human!  Am I being a bit over dramatic? Or feeling too sorry for a bird that can drown if it looks up while it’s raining? Perhaps, which is why this week’s post is dedicated to the creature that Ben Franklin wanted to make the national bird (sorry Ben, we all know the Bald Eagle won that honor!)   I’ve paid homage to  Tom Turkey with an activity that is fun to make, healthy to eat, will teach sequencing and direction following and is sure to be the juiciest turkey you have ever eaten!!   NOTE:  NO TURKEYS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS WEEK’S POST!!     

I like to accompany this activity with the story “Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey.  It’s an adorable story with a humorous twist and ties in perfectly with the fowl-free sequencing food-tivity found in this freebie download!  The story is filled with many great tier-2 vocabulary words to address with your students.   


Each step contains ways to build language through DESCRIBING, COMPARING, CATEGORIZING, SEQUENCING, DEFINING, and DIRECTION FOLLOWING.  Incorporate the pictures into your language lesson.  If permitted, make this task truly MULTISENSORY by using the actual ingredients in the classroom.  If this is not possible, send home the printouts so parent can create the project at home with their child.

turkey pict 2

Check out the freebie download to find out how to turn this……

turkey pict 1


….into  THIS!! The juiciest turkey you will ever taste!

Teach this easy to learn song to your students and sing it while making your turkey.  Add gestures and act out the song to help your kiddo remember the words, while addressing gross motor skills**** 


Tune: “I’m A Little Teapot”

I’m a great big turkey
‘Cause I’m well fed.
Watch me spread my feathers.
Watch me bob my head.

When I strut around
I waddle, waddle, waddle.
And when I talk
I “gobble, gobble, gobble”.

I’m a great big turkey
And I’d love to stay.
But Thanksgiving’s coming.
So it’s time to run away!
                        Jean Warren


Witches Brew!! {with SpeechSnacks for “I have…who has” Halloween game}

There’s nothing like a good bowl of witches brew to LIFT THE SPIRITS!   So stay for a SPELL and check out the video below for a fun song that your little ghosts and goblins will go BATTY for!     Then head to your own CAULDRON and conjure up some witches brew with the ingredients I have listed below.  Enjoy this spooky snack at your own risk!  Witches brew is known to turn kids into creepy creatures, parents into paranormal spirits and teachers into Transylvania blood suckers!



Get creative with your choice of ingredients….I’ve mixed up some salty and sweet treats for our brew, but you can certainly create other “gross” ingredients from the items in your pantry or by visiting the grocery store snack aisle.  It’s a great opportunity for your kids to “think outside the box” !!!

For this recipe I used:

blue corn chips=bat’s wings

red licorice=bloody worms

cheese curls=rotten bones

popcorn=bat brains

gum drops=spider’s eggs

chocolate chips=witches warts

mini marshmallows=ghost’s guts

yogurt covered raisins=pigeon poop

raisins=bloated ants

sliced almonds=witches nails

kale chips=dried frog skin


Kale is one of the most nutrient dense vegetable you can consume!  Dried kale chips are flavored, crunchy and a great substitute for salty, greasy potato chips!  And these looked perfect for our witches brew.  The color and texture makes great “dried frog skin” !!!!!!!!!!


Have your kiddos add the ingredients to a plastic cauldron.  Ask them to add them in an ordered sequence and see how many they can remember!


Gently toss and stir your witches brew and serve it up!

Download this FREE printable for “I have…who has.” HERE!!!!! 


brew 3












Each card has an ingredient used in this week’s recipe.   Cut out and laminate the cards for durability. Distribute cards evenly among all student in the group.  Ask student to read the card, using proper grammar tense for HAVE and HAS.  For non-readers, model the correct tense and have them use the pictures as cues.  This activity also reinforces good “WH” question formation and LISTENING SKILLS.   



Cut a slit at the top of the pot and adhere it to a piece of construction paper.  Be sure to leave a space at the top to remove all the cards.   Students pick a picture from the pile and  say.: “I put spider eggs in my witches brew.”  The picture is then added to the slit at the top of the pot.  The next student picks a picture and must remember the previous item plus their own.  “I put spider eggs and bat wings in my witches brew.” Play continues as long as students can keep remembering all the items being added to the pot. 


brew 1


So I found this very cute and kid-friendly app in the iTunes store and thought it would be fun to give a few away….It’s called Witches Brew—Halloween Potion making Fun! which was so fitting for this week’s post!!  Sign in to the rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win one of four codes!!  Contest ends October 25th at the “witching hour” of Midnight!! 






a Rafflecopter giveaway

Beach Snacks {with SpeechSnacks for Ocean Vocabulary}


After a glorious week at the beach and vacation memories still fresh in my mind, I decided to dedicate this week’s post to an essential item needed on your next visit to the ocean— beach snacks!!  And if you have kids, you know how important it is to pack those snacks in your beach bag before heading out for a day of fun in the sun.  After all, riding waves and making sand castles can work up quite an appetite.  This snack will quell the hunger pangs and provide lots of energy. The best part is that each ingredient represents things you find on the beach or in the ocean, which turns your snack into a language lesson in beach/ocean vocabulary!  Mix up a batch of this yummy treat with your kiddos at home as you identify and discuss the vocabulary together.   Take a dive into the  beach-themed game I have created to work on sentence building and descriptive words.  Enjoy, and remember—-”life’s a beach when you have good language and speech!!”










The following foods represent beach items:

pretzel sticks=driftwood

goldfish crackers=fish/ocean life

dark and white chocolate chips=beach pebbles

Cheerios cereal=life preservers

dried fruit=coral/seashells

dried seaweed=seaweed!









Have  you tried dried, roasted seaweed????  It’s paper thin, has a salty, nutty flavor and is so good for you!!  I found mine in Trader Joe’s.


Mix up all ingredients in a bowl.  Store in zip lock baggies—enjoy on the beach or anytime you want a healthy, energy-packed snack!

 Beach vocabulary—-Define it—-Describe it—-Use it in a sentence

I created three different vocabulary game boards–each contains different beach/ocean words





You or your student picks a word on their game sheet and earns points by following the directions in each air bubble.(1 point=define it, 2 pts=describe it, 3 pts=use it in a sentence)

Give out the corresponding number of suns or clouds for correct responses.  Make multiple copies of the the sun/clouds sheet.  Count up all the suns and clouds at the end.  The student with the most suns is the winner!

 Suns and clouds to use as reinforcement for correct/incorrect responses










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