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“Mum’s The Word!” It’s A Spooky Fun Facebook Frenzy! {and a mummy-licious speechsnack}

fb frenzy














Some of your favorite SLP’s got together to throw a Facebook Frenzy!  Not sure what this is??  Just make your way from one Facebook page, to the next and unlock the freebie each of us has made.

Look for this tab on their Facebook page:


When you click on the tab and LIKE the page, you will be able to download the FREEBIE.

You can access mine HERE!  Everything is themed for Halloween and we are sharing some pretty awesome, spooky and spine tingling speech materials!

Already a fan of our pages?  Then you are one step closer to opening 20 fantastic freebies to use with your speech and language kiddos!  Hope you have a spooktacular time and thanks for joining in!

This facebook frenzy will run from Friday, October 18 th to Monday, October 21st  (and keep reading for a special mummy-licious snack)

In case you were wondering…here’s a sneak peak at what you will find when you head over to my page….something for the older kiddos:


mummy freebie



Here is a simple, fun and delicious Halloween snack, fit for any ghost or goblin on your caseload or the one’s waiting for you at home! (Always check food policies in your school–find out if food is permitted in your therapy sessions and be aware of all allergy issues!)

mummy 1

















1—Split English muffin apart and lay flat.

2–Spread on a thin layer of tomato sauce.

3–Cut a slice of cheese into thin strips.

4–Randomly criss-cross cheese strips onto muffin.

5–Arrange black olive slices and red pepper pieces onto muffin to form the mummy’s eyes and mouth.

6– This snack can be eaten as is, or placed into a microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese and enjoy warm!

  • Use this activity to target sequencing and direction following.
  • Address categorization by naming types of cheese, foods that are round, black foods, salty foods, foods made from tomatoes, and red foods.
  • Ask students to think of crazy combinations for pizza toppings or make up a grotesque Halloween pizza with all sorts of ghoulish toppings!



















Dollar Store Dash {Linky Party!} Making Speech Fun (& Gross) for Halloween!

dollar dash


I love when fellow-SLP’s host linky parties!  It’s such a great opportunity for the rest of us SLP bloggers to think outside the box and share some creative ideas or maybe some tried and true materials, therapy techniques and organizational methods that we use everyday.  Teach Speech 365′s linky party is no exception. I had so much fun perusing the aisles of the dollar store conjuring up some fun new ways to use cheap and simple items in my therapy sessions.  So here’s what I came up with—I kept it themed to all things Halloween.  I hope you can find some of these same items in your local dollar store too and your kiddos are sure to have a blast in your therapy sessions this Halloween season!



dollarestoreidea 1

One bag of skeleton plastic rings= $1.00

One severed, bloody plastic hand= $1.00.   

My middle-school kiddos are going to love this fun and gory-looking activity–especially the boys!!  You can use this activity for keeping track of correct responses for any goal you are targeting: articulation, vocabulary building,  comprehension questions, etc.  Each student in the group claims rights to one finger.  When a correct response is given, the player gets to slip a ring onto the finger.   Whoever has the most rings piled onto their finger first is the winner!   (I cut  the rings at the back to make them easier to slip onto the fingers if necessary).



One foam pumpkin=$1.00

One bag of scary face pieces= $1.00

I love foam carving pumpkins—no slimy seeds to deal with!  And all the scary pumpkin face decorations were hanging next to the foam pumpkins so I knew I just had to grab these for my dollar dash idea.    The pieces easily press right into the foam pumpkin and stay put.  I would use them to address direction following, spatial concepts, If/then statements, as positive reinforcement for any targeted goal.  For example:  ”Put the left ear next to the stem and the eyes below the stem.”   OR “If bats sleep in caves, then put the nose on the pumpkin, if they don’t, add the left ear.”   You can make the task as easy or complex as needed to meet the ability levels of your students.



One bag of plastic bloody eyeballs=$1.00

Gotta love these bloodshot eyeballs!  Twelve plastic pieces came in a pack.  They are about the size of ping pong balls and bounce pretty well so I know my  kiddos are going to try and bounce them around the room, but I have different plans.   Number your eyeballs with a permanent marker.  For my purposes, I used numbers 1-4 on eight of the balls, but on the back of three them I put an “x” (you could also use a scary Halloween sticker).  Students get to reach into a container and pick out an eyeball after responding to a questions for the area you are targeting.  Keep a tally of the points earned, however if they pick the X or scary sticker, they must put all eyeballs back in the box!!    Lots of suspenseful ups and downs in this eye-popping game idea!!


So there you have it….

Cheap Halloween therapy ideas=$5.oo  

Motivated, engaged students having fun while learning=Priceless!!! 

Don’t forget to check out the other “dollar dash” ideas Teach Speech 365 is sharing over on her blog!!






Fall is Apple Season! A Seasonal Snack Idea and Delicious Voc”Apple”ary Building TpT Lesson!

It’s fall and that means it’s apple season (and pear and grape season too!)  Looking for something to make with all those wonderful fall fruits??  Are your kids starving when they get home from a long day at school?  Need something to satiate their appetites before dinner? Apples (and other fruits) make a great after school snack.


Add a little peanut butter or a sprinkle of cinnamon to jazz it up and skip the empty calorie, high sugar, store-bought treats. Today’s (pinterest inspired) speech snack is one that your kids can create themselves, then piece by piece take apart and snack on.    If you work in a school that allows outside foods to be brought into the classroom and food allergies are not an issue, this activity would be the perfect way to talk about food vocabulary, direction following, sequencing and if you are working on a transportation unit, this would be a fun, multisensory way to tie in the theme!!   Today we are making fruit-mobiles!  (and since I threw in a cucumber…veggie-mobiles too!!)

 To make your “fruit (or veggie) mobile”:


















(Picture 1, 2, 3):  Slice an apple, pear or cucumber in half lengthwise.  This is a good time to talk about concepts like half, whole, length, width Then cut the fruit into sections that look similar to the ones shown above.



015 014

Picture 4. Place a toothpick through the center of a grape, but be careful not to push it all the way through to the other side.

Picture 5.  Push one end of the toothpick through the fruit slice and add a second grape onto the other end.

Picture 6. Repeat the grape/toothpick step for a second “set of wheels.”

Picture 7, 8, 9.  Complete this simple process with the other fruit and veggie slices to create your own fleet of fruit and veggie mobiles! Admire your creations, then proceed to eat!!  The perfect after school snack, party treat, classroom project or rainy day fun food activity!

To address language skills:

  • COMPARE the various mobiles and discuss how they are ALIKE and DIFFERENT (in size, color, shape, taste).

  •  SEQUENCE the steps in making the snack and DESCRIBE what you are doing as you complete each part.

  • Make up a story about the edible vehicles and  WHERE they are going….WHAT they will do when they get there…..HOW fast and HOW long it will take to reach their destination.

This treat is geared toward your younger students, but I haven’t forgotten about the big kiddos!  I have created a new product that you can find in my TpT store made primarily with middle and high school students in mind:  Voc “apple” ary Building for Older Students {Strategies for Improving Knowledge and Use of Tier 2 Vocabulary}.    

This item is apple-themed for the fall season and focuses on ways to develop a rich vocabulary through specific strategies.  I was inspired to create this item after revisiting a wonderful resource, the book ”Bringing Words to Life” by Isabelle L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, and Linda Kucan.  The book brings to light the importance of teaching vocabulary through strategies that reach far beyond the basic dictionary definition of a word.   I have utilized some of the basic concepts found in this book to my latest TpT product.    Check out the complete packet in my TpT store! 











This packet contains :

1–Six vocabulary strategy cards  (to use as a reference for this product or any new vocabulary that you may address) that provide specific ways to support tier-2 vocabulary development

apples preview


2–Eight  apple-themed reading passages containing key tier -2 words in bold and 24 vocabulary-building strategy cards.   I have placed the  codes S1,  S2, S3, S4., etc next to each item to represent “Strategy 1, Strategy 2, etc .   The SLP should read the passage aloud, (allowing the student to see the words highlighted in bold) or Tier-2 words can also be written on a white board so that students can make reference to them as they are asked to answer the strategy card questions.

***Sample responses /answers are included in BOLD for many of the strategy questions***

3– comprehension questions related to each story.

Also included—a fun and motivating game to play as students respond to questions.  All students get a tree, an apple basket and a set of 10 apples.  Start by placing all 10 apples of the same color on the tree.  Follow the directions on the game cards for adding apples to your basket, passing them off to another player or placing them all back onto the tree.  The player to fill their barrel with all 10 apples first is the winner!


I hope you find this product to be a helpful and effective way of addressing new vocabulary with all your students!

“It’s Hump Daaayyyy!” {Using Commercials to teach and reach your students in therapy}

Okay, so I admit, sometimes I have a student or two who is not thrilled about attending my speech/language sessions.  It’s fine though, I’m use to it—I teach the big kids–and sometimes these things happen!   I realize that my middle and high school students have other things on their minds, other places they would rather be or things they would rather be doing.  And that makes me even more motivated to find ways to make them interested and willing to participate in my sessions.  It is what helps make me a better SLP–and since I am pretty creative and good at ”thinking outside the box,” it is a fun challenge for me!



Today I was determined to get a smile out of one particular student who is less than enthused about speech class… I pulled up this 30 second commercial clip on you tube and we had an instant language lesson—and I think I accomplished my goal.  He actively participated, gave more than 2-word responses and smiled more than once.   I think “hump day” is my new favorite day of the week!

So take a look at this very funny and popular commercial clip and how we used it in therapy.  Whoever created this ad for Geico is just brilliant—thanks for helping make my therapy session a blast today!


I am addressing several therapy goals with the student who viewed this with me today:  1–Expanding and elaborating on thoughts (increasing length of verbalizations)  2–Improving comprehension skills/answering WH questions  3–Improving eye contact during conversational speech.

So here are the thought-provoking, conversation building questions I created to go with this ad.   Some of the questions I asked were more concrete and focused on the visual details within the commercial, others were inferential in nature.   Before watching the clip together, I asked my student to pay close attention to the details.   We watched it twice before I initiated conversation or asked questions.

1–Where do you think this commercial is taking place? (name three things you see that helped you know what the setting is)

2–How many people are in the office?  What are they doing? Do you remember their names?

3–What animal is used and why do you think this animal was chosen?

4–Describe the “personality” of the camel?

5–Do you think this was the first time the camel made an appearance in their office?  Do you think the workers are shocked to see the camel?

6–How do the people appear to react to the camel? Why?

7–Why is Wednesday called “Hump Day?”

8–What is this really a commercial for?

9–What two things is the commercial comparing?   Listen for the key word “than” in the comparison.

10–Do you think the commercial effectively got it’s point across?  Why?

So there you have it—-who knew an insurance commercial could be so effective in addressing language goals with a middle school student!  Check it out with your students (especially the tough ones that need a little motivation) and you too will be “Happier than a Camel on Wednesday!!”


“S…Peachy” Feedback Linky Party!

Speachy Feedback


Happy Fall to All!!  Today I am linking up with Nicole Allison’s “S….Peachy Feedback Linky Party!”  If you are an SLP blogger with a  TPT or TN store, you can link up too.  Here’s how it works—-Pick a buyer who left you some thoughtful, heartfelt, valuable feedback and “pay it forward.” In other words, offer them a product from your store as a “thank you.”

I thought I’d start off my week on a high note by sharing some wonderful feedback a TpT follower recently left for me:


linky pic


















If you are out there  reading this “sjanelles,” thank you, you made my day!!   Please contact me at for a free product from my store!!  And yes, I agree.  It is tough to find executive functioning activities, which is why I made this one!  If you’d like to check it out in my TpT store, you can find it here.    And I have a blog post to accompany this fun activity as well, here. 

Middle and high school kids deserve to get in on the fun, and many of the activities in my store are focused on this age group.    If you like these, stay tuned for a fall/apple themed product coming out soon that is designed for the older set and will help them “bring words to life!” (hint, hint)



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