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TpT Shining Stars Linky Party!

aug linky party

TpT is throwing a second Back-to-School sale on August 20th!!  What a fantastic idea!  Many parts of the country start school after Labor Day (that means me!) and having this additional sale is perfect timing.  My mindset is finally focused on school related preparations.  I have added products to my store as well as shopped for products to add to my repertoire now that the school year is quickly approaching!   Special thanks to Jen over at SLP Runner  for organizing this link up.    Here are some of my favorite items that I wanted to share…

My first (and newest) item in my TpT store is an activity for your older students, which has been the focus of many of the products in my store.  Back to School Problem Solving for Middle and High School Students!

aug pict 1

It includes step by step strategies for solving problems, scenario cards, open ended speech/thought bubbles, some tips to help  teens start off the school year, and a recipe card with healthy lunch ideas!!


My Back to School Bundle {Student Planner and Executive Functioning game} has been receiving good feedback.  It is actually two products combined into one download!

aug pict 2

First, this unique activity addresses good organization in older kids.  I created a home planner for students to help them keep organized when they leave the walls of the school and get them through their morning, afternoon and evening routines!


The second activity in the bundle includes 36 executive functioning strategy cards that will help students answer questions/listen to tips related to preparation, time management, organization and good listening strategies.  A great way to help get them centered and focused for the school year!

aug pict 5


Lastly, I have a back to school FREEBIE to help get your year off to a good start!  20 Chip Challenge is an open ended motivational game that will help elicit many speech or language responses, Check out my FREE and paid versions of this fun and simple game:

aug pict 4


I am LOVING this activity from Teri and Tiff’s Creative Resources— Prediction Comic Strips.  I can use more materials related to  predicting with my middle/high school kiddos.  They will have fun with this for sure!

aug 6

This product is designed to help students improve their reading comprehension skills by practicing how to make clue-based predictions.
Each of the 20 comics provides an opportunity for students to make a prediction. All the comics have 5 slides. The first 3 slides have already been created, so the students need to observe the first 3 slides, decipher the key details, and then predict what will happen in the last 2 slides.


I can’t believe I didn’t purchase this one yet.  Reading and Responding Interpreting Language and much more by Mia McDaniel is definitely  at the top of my wish list this time around!

aug 7

The kids will have fun with the text message/iphone theme as we address this all important goal for so many of the students on my caseload.


I know I will certainly find more items to add to this list, but theses are just a few of my favorites.
aug tpt sale pict

My store will be on sale August 20!  You can get 28% off of anything in my store by using the code BOOST at checkout!!

Don’t forget to check out SLPrunner’s awesome linky party and see all the amazing products that you could be using with your caseload. Here’s to a great start to the 2014-15 school year!

Teaching idioms and other language concepts using familiar photos—let’s crack some eggs!

“You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet!”  Are you familiar with this expression?  It means: in order to achieve something, it is inevitable and necessary that something be destroyed. It is my new, favorite idiom and I will surely be adding it to my list when addressing this goal in my speech/language therapy sessions!     I will most definitely be able to provide visual examples of this idiom when I discuss it with my students in the new school year!  You see, I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately when it comes to blogging due to our current “omelet making adventures!”  Last week we started renovating our kitchen and “cracking many an egg!”  I knew it would be messy and inconvenient for a while, which is why we waited until the summer to tackle the project.  And like all home renovations, you never really know what you’re in for until you start tearing away at the layers, which can also lead to finding potential problems that you weren’t expecting or aware of!   Electrical, plumbing, etc……we are finding that our home has its share of issues!!

I like to take pictures of home projects to document the progress along the way and gain a greater appreciation of the final result.  While taking photos of my kitchen, it dawned on me that I could use the pictures as a teachable moment with my son as well as my students.  I think the “egg expression” is clearly demonstrated in the picture below!


I started looking through many of the photos I have been taking this summer and found ways to connect a number of them to idiomatic expressions and other speech/language goals.  Sharing photos of my real-life experiences from the summer will be a great way to start off the new school year and will help my students understand, remember and apply idioms and other language concepts with greater ease.