Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips with Cream Cheese-Walnut Dip—{with Speech Snacks for /s/ and /s/ blends}


Once again, I am using the very versatile tortilla to create another recipe.  Previously I have used them to make Tortilla Pizza’s and a Turkey Tortilla Wrap.  The tortilla is back to make another appearance–this time as a sweet snack.   I have found similar snack products on the shelves of my grocery store, however  I like knowing that the foods I am eating and feeding my family were made with just a few ingredients and made at home by me, whenever possible–and often times, it’s much more economical and fun to do so!   This treat is a great substitute for potato chips, crackers or cookies. They are a crunchy, sweet treat to add to your kid’s lunch boxes too!   Check out the video demonstration that will show you ways to incorporate the /s/ sound while making the chips!!  Continue reading “Cinnamon-Sugar Tortilla Chips with Cream Cheese-Walnut Dip—{with Speech Snacks for /s/ and /s/ blends}” »

MEATLESS MONDAY: Portobello Pizza–{with Speech Snacks for /p/}


Meatless Mondays were first initiated during both World Wars.  It was a voluntary campaign put into place by the U.S. Presidents during war time asking the American people to do their part to aid the war effort.  As a result, many Americans discovered how much better they felt–eating less meat wasn’t such a bad thing!     Meatless Monday was revived once again in  2003 as a public health campaign,  with the goal of improving overall well being and reducing our carbon footprint.  Today’s “Portobello Pizza” is a great substitute for meat and just as satisfying! Continue reading “MEATLESS MONDAY: Portobello Pizza–{with Speech Snacks for /p/}” »

Almost Lasagna—{with “Speech Snacks” for /l/}

cut and serve

If you’re looking for a hearty Italian meal that’s nutritious and simple to make, look no further!  I call this recipe “Almost Lasagna” because while it includes many of the ingredients found in a traditional lasagna, it does not require several layers of noodles, meat and cheese that could make it a bit more time consuming and fussy.  Instead, you will layer and spread each ingredient just once. And I’ve “tweaked” it a bit to make it healthy and gluten free.  It’s hard to leave the cheese out of this one, so if you need a dairy-free option, you could use soy cheese, but remember that soy products are not casein free so it will not meet the standards for a GFCF diet.    Once you’ve done all the prep work, get your kids to assemble it…it’s fun and easy for them to do, as you will see in the photos below! Continue reading “Almost Lasagna—{with “Speech Snacks” for /l/}” »

Sunday Morning Almond Pancakes and Blueberry Sauce {with speech snacks for ‘WH’ questions}

PicMonkey Collage almonds

****ASD (Autism-Spectrum Disorder)/ADHD Friendly RECIPE*****

Almond Pancakes

Almonds are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals, namely Vitamin E and manganese. They are packed with many important B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, panothenic acid, vitamin B-6, and folate.

Almonds are GLUTEN FREE! This recipe is great for children with ADHD or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It’s the perfect alternative for parents following a gluten and casein free (GFCF) diet for their children.

For this recipe, you will need ALMOND MEAL (not Almond Flour). Almond meal is finely crushed almonds–that’s all! I use almond meal as a substitute in many recipes that call for white flour and/or bread crumbs. (You can purchase almond meal at Trader Joe’s in 1 lb. bags where it is very reasonably priced and budget friendly.)

















1 cup almond meal

3 large eggs

1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4-1/2 cup SILK soymilk (this brand states that it is casein-free),

3 Tbsp. Agave sweetener


Eggs are casein free and almonds are gluten free—perfect for children with ASD or ADHD and following a GFCF diet.


Mix all ingredients together until a batter forms. (Batter will be thick. Use 1/4-1/2 cup milk to thin the batter. Pour batter onto a buttered or greased skillet over medium heat until both sides are golden brown



















This recipe will make 15-20 small-medium sized pancakes









A quick and simple blueberry syrup is delicious with these pancakes–and blueberries will provide some extra health benefits, namely antioxidants and vitamin C. Add 1 cup frozen blueberries to a pan and warm over low heat. Add 1/4 cup of agave nectar, honey or pure maple syrup.






Complete this meal with gluten-free, casein free, nitrate free turkey bacon….perfect for serving children on a GFCF diet!!!










Today’s “Speech Snack“:

  • Let your kids help with counting, measuring and mixing the ingredients
  • Compare the DRY ingredients to the WET mixture
  • ASK THEM:”What happens when we add the milk?”
  • Put some butter on the heated skillet and watch it melt
  • ASK:“Why is the butter melting?”
  • Pour the batter on the skillet
  • ASK: “What happened to the batter?” and “How does the pancake look different when it’s flipped?”
  • Have your kids use their FIVE SENSES while making the pancakes and ask: WHAT do you hear? What do you see?” “How does it smell?” “How do they taste?” “How do they feel?”
  • ASK: “What shape is a pancake?” Name some other objects that are shaped like a circle to work on CATEGORIZATION and VOCABULARY BUILDING

Here are some great stories to have fun reading with your kids about PANCAKES!

Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola

Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle

Pancakes for Findus by Sven Nordqvist

Pancake Dreams by Ingmarie Ahvander

If you Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff

Curious George Makes Pancakes by Margaret and H. A. Rey


Tortilla Pizza—{with “speech snacks” for /t/ and /p/}


The versatile tortilla! I love using them in so many of my recipes. They are a great substitute for bread. I use many different types of tortillas—whole wheat, low carb, whole grain–and today brown rice tortillas— to make a quick, delicious, easy Tortilla Pizza.   Kids love helping with this one and, depending on their age, will be able to fully assemble one by themselves. This makes a great quick lunch or dinner. Feel free to add other toppings (shredded chicken, broccoli, red peppers, different cheeses). Just don’t over load the tortilla or it can get too heavy and not hold up well. Enjoy this incredibly simple and delicious quick pizza!!

Ingredients: rice tortillas (or another type of tortilla of your choice)
extra virgin olive oil
pesto (homemade or store-bought)
ricotta cheese **(omit cheese if following an ADHD or ASD diet)
fresh, chopped tomatoes
fresh herbs


Brown rice tortillas are gluten/wheat free and contain 0 grams saturated fat

Spread a little extra virgin olive oil on your baking sheet and your tortilla. This will prevent sticking and provide extra crispness.







The kiddos can spread the olive oil on the pan….







……and spoon and spread  the pesto on the tortilla—-a simple, kid-centered task!

Spread a thin layer of pesto onto your tortilla. Pesto contains basil, garlic and pine nuts and adds a great garlic flavor without having to add minced garlic separately. And the garlic flavor is more easily distributed with the pesto. You can use homemade pesto or store-bought. Look for the refrigerated store-bought instead of the jarred if possible—it tastes much fresher!

Adults should chop any veggies (tomatoes, broccoli, peppers) and kids can layer them onto the tortilla—–talk about VEGGIES—-name as many green, red and yellow ones as you can!  This will build their vocabulary and categorization skills!


Spoon dollops of creamy ricotta cheese evenly over the tortilla






I added some fresh basil (from the garden). I like to add fresh herbs to my meals whenever possible






Can your kids name other herbs????  See how many you can name—pull out your dried herbs from the spice rack—compare what they look, smell and taste like!   Growing an herb garden—identify the names of the fresh herbs, compare the different shapes and colors of the leaves!


Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or until the bottoms are golden brown







Hot out of the oven and ready to be sliced with a pizza cutter and served! Enjoy!





  • To make this sound…Put your tongue behind your front teeth on the bumpy part of your mouth. Push out a little puff of air and pull down your tongue. While this sound is generally mastered by age 4 years, children who have difficulty with tongue strength and weak oral motor skills may be challenged.
  • I also tell students to show me a big smile with their teeth. Then I ask them to press their tongue against their teeth and push out the air. See the Turkey Tortilla Wrap for more /t/ speech snacks!
  • We practice counting things in “two’s” —like the body parts on a stuffed animal. I will say “How many?” as we point to two eyes, two ears, etc….
  • For the Tortilla recipe, practice repeating the sound or syllables (ta, te, ti, to, tu) as you spread on the olive oil and pesto.
  • Count the tomato pieces as you place them on the tortilla–”one tomato, two tomatoes….”
  • Describe the tortilla to work on VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT and SENTENCE STRUCTURE and the target sound at the same time: “The tortilla is round.” “The tortilla is made of rice.” “Tortillas taste good.” “Put the tomatoes on the tortilla.”
  • Talk about other objects shaped like a CIRCLE to build vocabulary through CATEGORIZATION.
  • After you cut the tortilla into wedges talk about the words PART and WHOLE.
  • Cut out the pictures of this recipe and sequence the steps together, then mix them up and see if your children can put them back in the correct order.


  • The /p/ is one of the first sounds produced by most children, generally between 2-3 years of age, however if lip strength is weak, he/she may have difficulty pressing the lips together and popping out the air from behind the lips.
  • Other exercises I use to help strengthen the lips: Using a tongue blade (also called a tongue depressor or wooden stick), I have the student squeeze his lips together while holding the stick horizontally between the lips—no teeth allowed!! For added resistance, I place the tip of the tongue blade between the lips and have the child squeeze the lips together and try to keep the stick from falling out of the mouth.
  • We also have fun with a PEPPERONI PIZZA GAME: Draw a pizza on a piece of paper. Draw circles to represent slices of pepperoni. For every good /p/ production, the child gets to color in a piece of pepperoni.
  • Practice words from the recipe: PESTO, PIZZA, SCOOP, SPREAD,SPOON, CRISP. Practice these words in phrases and sentences once they have been mastered at the word level.


Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss

The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Lowrey

If you Give a Pig A Pancake by Laura Joffe Numeroff




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