Racing to the finish line with a giveaway!

Are you counting down the days until the school year is done?  Are you still swamped by the paperwork and meetings?  Well the home stretch is near my friends.   And by home stretch I mean that light at the end of the tunnel, that ribbon pulled across the finish line that you are yearning to break through!  You’re almost there.  The school year is truly like a marathon and you’re about to cross that finish line.   You’ve trained hard, paced  yourself, pushed through when you were feeling that you couldn’t go another step further.   But you’re a little dehydrated and one last guzzle of water will help you make it to the end—-and today I’m having a giveaway for two products that are going to give you the energy you need to make it to the end and finish strong!

First, my Better Hearing and Speech Month Packet is the perfect way to get you through the month and contains materials for all levels!!  It’s filled with activities to celebrate and create awareness during BHSM!!  Check out all the details about this product in my TpT store!

bhsm cover


bhsm sample


And you can also win my Ladybug Picnic Packet.   It targets so many areas: articulation, auditory processing, direction following and it has a Memorial Day and picnic theme!   You can preview this packet in my TpT store!!



You can win BOTH of these products in my giveaway.  I think they will keep your students happy and busy for the next few weeks,  so be sure to pick up the pace and join the pack–It’s your chance to finish the race with some energy to spare!  I’m cheering for you at the finish line!!

(And be sure to check out my Ladybug themed video!!   {{My acting skills are still a work in progress so be kind!}}  I’ll show you how to effectively use food in your therapy sessions!   We’re making a Ladybug Salad while working on spatial concepts and other language targets! PS–pay close attention because there is a questions in the giveaway that has to do with the video!)


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, May 18th!!
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A Mother’s Day Tribute—and a freebie!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts and the special, kind and giving women who care for others !  We certainly don’t need a special day or reason to say thank you to these great women, but it is nice to take some time out of our busy lives to acknowledge them for all they do!

Although Mother’s Day will have come and gone by Monday morning, I created this  FREE Mother’s Day activity page that you can use as a follow up activity after Mother’s Day or print it out and save it for next year! I used the awesome web site   to make this fun word cloud which contains words that reflect the many “hats” that mom’s wear.  Have your student’s make connections and draw inferences about how and why these words are related to a mom.   Use the other discussion questions to address articulation, fluency, conversation skills, sentence building and other language targets.

mom words pix



My son’s 5th grade class had secretly been practicing this song for weeks with the help of their teachers.  On Friday, the teacher’s email the parents a video of the class paying tribute to their mom’s with this rendition of “I Want A Mom that Will Last Forever,” originally written and performed by Cyndi Lauper!   I can’t show you their beautiful faces due to privacy policies, however, rest assure, I balled my eyes out!!   Below I am sharing the original version of the song accompanied by a Disney video.  Get your tissues ready!


The most amazing gift in the world to me is my child and the most amazing job in the world to me (besides being an SLP) is being a mother!   I think this picture of me and my son (as a newborn) sums it up best.  I walk past it every day and never get tired of looking at it!

mothers day pict


I couldn’t complete this post without giving thanks to my own mom!   She raised four children, worked full time,  and is the most amazing cook you could ever imagine!  She has always been and continues to be a true inspiration!  She encouraged me to choose my professional path, and has always been a role model that I continue to try and live up to!   Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all those women who lead by example and inspire others to be the best they can be every day!



What’s In Your Cart? {Linky Party}

linky pict













Are you ready for the big TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale this May 6th and 7th?    It’s the “last horray” sale of the school year so you’re going to want to stock up on some great products to get you through the home stretch!!    I linked up with Jenna’s linky party at Speech Room News to share some of the items that have caught my eye.

Here’s what’s in my cart——but first a special item from my store:

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!  I created this activity just for the ocassion!!

bhsm cover

Your students are going to have fun making this craftivity and reading a poem I composed especially for students in your speech and language program.  It’s a great way to increase awareness among your students, parents and the rest of the staff in your school!


bhsm sample

In addition:

  • Address fact vs opinion statements with the 36 Speech and Hearing Fun Facts and Opinions cards—use the information sheet as a review/reference to identify which of the 36 cards are fact and opinion statements about speech, language and hearing. Use the included sorting mat to organize which category the cards belong in. Answer key included.
  • My Year in Review—A Speech & Language “Snapshot” consists of sentence starters to create a “snapshot” of your student’s experience in speech/language therapy. Have students share/discuss their responses
  • Also included, a speechsnacks recipe card for “Success Cookies” to share with your students during BHSM!


And now for the items in my cart:

These activities will be great additions to my collection of materials for my older students. I can’t wait to get my lessons started with these great products!

As the mom of a little leaguer, I spend many of my waking hours at the ball field during the spring and summer months so if you can’t beat them, join them I say!  I’m purchasing this since I’m already so immersed in all things baseball anyway, plus most of my caseload consists of boys who, you guessed it, play baseball!  I am hoping to keep “The Boys of Summer” focused and motivated for just a few more weeks with these comprehension passages from Speech Space.




My students are going to love the cell phone themed product Mia McDaniel created which targets inferencing, predicting an drawing conclusions.  And so many of my students are in need of strengthening these areas.  I can’t wait to try it out with them!



Teaching strategies to improve vocabulary development is a HUGE focus in  my therapy lessons!   I look forward to using Super Strategies for Word Retrieval from Figuratively Speeching!     I love the eye catching visuals and the product appears flexible enough to use with a variety of ages/ability levels.





Be sure to check out all the great products being shared over at Speech Room News!   Happy shopping!

May SLP Frenzy!!! {20 FREEBIES May 4 & 5}

Did you hear the news?   There’s an SLP freebie frenzy going on May 4 & 5 and you are going to want to check it out!! Click on the image above to begin at the “Cooking Up Good Speech” Facebook page.

OR follow the May Frenzy map to pick up your freebies from 20 fabulous SLP’s!!  

The frenzy begins at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, May 4th and will run until 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, May 5th. 

may frenzy map
















Look for the tab below on their Facebook page.  When you click on it and “like” their page, it will take you to their fantastic freebie!

May 2014 TAB FINAL


You will find that we have put together a variety of themes to help get you through the rest of the school year!  So many amazing ideas in this two-day frenzy!   And many of the freebies are part of a larger product that you can find in these SLP’s TpT stores!

If you are looking for a way to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month, you’ll want to pick up my freebie—-and also check out the complete packet in my TpT store!!!

bhsm cover

Your students are going to love making this fun and meaningful craftivity and reading a poem I composed especially for students in your speech and language program.

bhsm sample

It’s a great way to increase awareness among your students, parents and the rest of the staff in your school!  Your kiddos can proudly display and share their BHSM creations for all to see!

iName It: Household Items {An App Review and Giveaway!}

If you follow all the great speechie blogs out there, then chances are, you’ve seen the latest reviews and giveaways for the app iName It by Smarty Ears.  Have you entered all the giveaways for this app yet?  Well, if you want one more chance to win a copy, then check out my review and enter the rafflecopter giveaway below to win this simple yet versatile app!



So here is the WHO,WHAT,WHEN, WHERE and WHY of this awesome app…..

WHO will this app benefit?  and WHAT skills will it address?

Although this app was originally designed for adult patients with aphasia experiencing word finding difficulties, I was pleased to find it appropriate for other populations, namely, the pediatric population, including children with word retrieval weakness as well as those working on life skills who need to strengthen their understanding and use of functional vocabulary.  Also, if you are working on a thematic unit in your therapy room related to “household items,” ”rooms within a house,”  or any theme related to the home, this would be a great way to address new vocabulary.  Additionally, Smarty Ears suggests this app is appropriate for students with apraxia.  According to the research sited by the app  creator, “literature suggests using initial syllable cues and sentence completion cues may trigger motor commands for articulation and be beneficial to individuals with apraxia of speech as well.”


WHAT does this app look like?

The app consists of 50 words for objects typically found in rooms of a house including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and garage.  There are 10 target items included for each household scene.  The photos scenes are clear and well organized—Your kiddos will feel like they are standing right in the middle of these beautifully designed rooms!

HOW do I start using the app?

iName It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Select the language you wish to use in the settings.  Click on the “start practice” button to add/choose users, then choose the room you would like to start in.


A task bar at the bottom of the screen shows  the objects to be found in the scene. After selecting an item, a bar will display the prompts that you can choose from to help with naming the item.

If the user  doesn’t need a prompt to name the item,  tap the “got it” button.


For demonstration purposes, I am showing the kitchen scene and tapped on the cupboards.  The item being addressed then becomes highlighted.


Need help with retrieving the label for that item?  The screen looks like the one below and a cue bar becomes available to help prompt you.

The five different prompts available include:

1-phonetic–a spelling cue is given to help with word retrieval. (pencil icon)



2-semantic—a word meaning is provided. (book icon)



3-phrase completion-A sentence fill-in is provided using the word in the appropriate context. ( frame icon)


4-phonemic—an initial sound cue is given to assist in naming the word. (speech bubble icon)

5-whole word–the word is displayed. (ABC symbol)



WHERE are results kept?

Data is collected during use of the app and stored in the results section.  Go to the main screen to access the results tab and then click on the player name/avatar.  Information provided includes:    the dates the app has been used, overall accuracy without cues, overall accuracy with cues, and which type of cue was most successful. Each session is recorded by date and visual scene name.  As with all of Smarty Ears apps, the session report can then be emailed, printed, or exported to the Therapy Report Center and used for monitoring progress and report writing.


WHY do I like this app?

  • It’s easy to use!
  • It can be used with a variety of populations.
  • The photo scenes are visually appealing—(loving the modern home design–when can I move in?!)
  • When tapping on an item, that item is highlighted, while the rest of the screen becomes grey and fades into the background.  A great feature for individuals who may be visually distracted by all the stimuli on the page.
  • The “most successful cue” feature allows the user to see what “strategy” was most helpful in getting the correct response.
  • Versatility—I can use this with students on my caseload to address: Categorizing (Can you name some other items you would find in this room?) WH question formulation  (Have student ask a question and another student guess the correct item–”What is something you store food in to keep it cold?”)   Sentence completion (Have students use the household items in sentence of their own.)


The iName It app is available in the iTunes Store for $14.99.

Ready for the giveaway!?   Check out the rafflecopter giveaway below and enter!!!!

Disclaimer: Smarty Ears provided me with a free copy of the app to review as well as one copy to give away. The opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

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