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All the recipes on this site are focused on inspiring families to try new and nutritious foods that can be used to help develop speech and language skills.  In addition, many of the recipes are also fitting for the kiddo who has a tough time accepting new tastes and textures.

Some of the best advise I can give parents includes…….Make meal time ENJOYABLE (keep the conversations positive and light.)   Take the time to let your child PARTICIPATE in meal preparation (let them use their senses to feel, smell, examine the foods before they taste it).     BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL by eating a variety of healthy foods yourself–children learn from example!   Turn off the TV and eat at a table TOGETHER!  NO snacking too close to meal time—but healthy snacking “grazing” between meals is good.    Serve a FAVORITE food when you present a NEW or “Non-Favorite”  food.    DON’T GIVE UP and DON’T GIVE IN!  NEVER force-feed!  If you keep presenting the healthy stuff, eventually MOST children will at least give it a try—ask them to take JUST ONE BITE! 

If you are looking for further information on Picky Eaters, here are links to a few resources……..

* “SOS Approach to Feeding”–looks at the difference between picky vs problem eating from a leading expert in pediatric feeding issues

*”Ask Dr. Sears” has some great info regarding picky toddlers

*”Your Kid’s Table”—Great website from a pediatric Occupational therapist

* Message boards for parents of picky eaters with Autism Spectrum Disorder

*Nourishing Hope—Nutrition for children with Autism

*Handling Autism at the dinner table


I’ve compiled some suggested posts from my site that may get your picky eater trying more fruits and veggies.  I’ve chosen these because they are extremely kid- friendly, simplistic and very easy for little hands to help prepare.   Hope they help make your PICKY EATER’S taste buds wake up and do the happy dance!!!  Good luck….”Speak Well and Eat Well!!!”


Olympic Bagel Breakfast—-I posted this one during the Olympic Games—-simple, fun, educational, lots of fruits to sample!!


Truffula Trees—For Earth Day, Dr. Suess’ Birthday—–so easy and colorful—plus “a little sugar on top” to help motivate!!!   



“Beach Snacks”—simple ingredients to mix with the hands and  fun guess what each represents  Now’s your chance to get them to try seaweed!!!



Ladybug Salad—what kiddo can resist creating this adorable little ladybug—easy and fun to make—so many good things to try—like broccoli slaw!!! 


“Irish”  Garlic Bread—-Assemble a shamrock and “paint” it green!!!  Here’s  your chance to sneak in some kale, spinach or other green veggies



“Almost” Lasagna—-you do the prep work, but they get to assemble it—sooo many good things in this recipe!! 

cut and serve

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