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July 10, 2013

OMG, I LOVE “Describe It To Me” {App Review & GIVEAWAY!!}












June 17, 2013

How to use SPOT IT! and FLAPZ! in speech therapy—A Review and Summer Giveaway!!


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May 7, 2013

“I Dare You Articulation”—An App Review and Giveaway!!


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April 24, 2013

Articulate It!  An APP Review and Giveaway times TWO!














March  25, 2013

Reading Comprehension Camp Makes for Happy Campers in the Speech Room {App Review}





March 15, 2013

Speech Buddies to the Rescue!   {Product Review and GIVEAWAY!!}





January 8, 2013

Multiple Choice Articulation {A Review and Two Part Giveaway!}


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January 5, 2013

Language Empires By Smarty Ears—An App that Rules!!  {APP REVIEW}


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December 10, 2012

Do You Have Custom Baords Yet??? {An APP Review and GIVE AWAY!}  APPY HOLIDAYS!


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November 30, 2012

Social Quest–{APP REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!}





September 22, 2012

Do You Like Pie?

As the author of a blog that combines food/cooking along with ideas for speech and language enhancement, I enjoy creating  unique posts that can bring these two worlds together.  I realize that this is a very different type of blog than most speech-themed blogs out there, nonetheless I hope you appreciate my concept and purpose and find the information enjoyable and interesting.

When I discovered this music CD  and it’s catchy title, I couldn’t help but contact the creator and share my blog with her.  She quickly responded and was more than happy to send me some copies to give away on my site!!

Introducing…. “Do You Like Pie?” a music compilation created by reknown Speech-Language Pathologist , Pam Marshalla.  Pam is a leader in the nation-wide oral-motor movement.  She has presented hundreds of workshops on oral-motor, apraxia and articulation therapy to tens of thousands of speech and language pathologists who have attended her state, regional and national conferences.  Pam is the author of several programs including How to Stop Thumbsucking (and Other Oral Habits): Practical Solutions for Home and Therapy (Jan 1, 2001) and Successful R Therapy: Fixing the Hardest Sound in the World (Jan 1, 2004).    You can learn more about Pam and view info about her workshops, materials and read up on therapy Q & A’s by visiting her site. 


And now for the giveaway!!!!!!!

DO YOU LIKE PIE?  If so, I have TWO to give away (CD’s, that is, not actual pies!) , thanks to the generosity of  Pam Marshalla!!

If you are a speech therapist, teacher or parent of kiddos in the birth to preschool age range,  this CD is for you!

Each song  has two different types of children in mind: those who speak very well and those who don’t. All children will love the rhythms and the rhymes. Children who speak very well will learn all the words over time. Children who are challenged in speech and language will have fun singing the parts specially designed for them – the parts with repeating phonemes, syllables and words.

This CD has songs that can be used in individual or group speech-language practice. Use them at home, in the car, in the classroom or therapy room. Sing along with the CD. Then sing the songs, or the choruses, later without the music.

The CD does not contain a printed version of all the song lyrics, so if you are looking for them, feel free to  download pdf version of all song lyrics here!!!

I  was entertained and amused by so many of the fun and inventive lyrics and voices used throughout this CD.  I think the animated voices of the characters will grab the attention of many little ones! The silly sounding voices are a great way to get kids to listen attentively  while distracting them from the speech goals being addressed.    The cd targets speech sounds, syllables and words for  CVCV (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel) patterns, exercising intonation and rhythm, CV and VC syllables,  the /z/ sound in isolation and syllables, and practicing words that start with /b/.  You can visit  the “COOK AND SING” page for my full  review of “Do You Like Pie?”  and some other ways I have incorporated song and music into my sessions!!

I believe in utilizing a multi-sensory approach to speech/language therapy (obviously you would realize this based on my use of food and cooking to enhance speech and language).   Music and movement are also great multi-sensory activities.  Do you use music in your therapy sessions???  If so, how do you integrate it into your lessons???  What speech and language goals do you target through the use of music??

And if you would like a REAL taste of pie, check out some of my Pie Posts: Pumpkin Whoopie Pie and Easy Peezy Apple Pie.


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June 26, 2012

Mixing It up With “Adjective Remix” by Smarty Ears


We all know how important adjectives are when it comes to spicing up our verbal and written language.  Many of the children seen for language disorders tend to have difficulties retrieving descriptive words when explaining what something look, feels, tastes or sounds like.  And SPEECHSNACKS is definitely interested in  knowing how you think my healthy recipes taste!!!  What would we do if we couldn’t express our thoughts regarding the  SWEET, CREAMY, SAVORY, MOUTH-WATERING foods we experience on a daily basis??!

The wonderful people at Smarty Ears have developed another fun, easy to use app geared toward helping kids learn descriptive words—and they have THREE codes for me to give away to some lucky viewers.

Adjective Remix” is a great way to receptively address this skill.

The pictures chosen for the app are colorful, real- life representations of  adjectives, which make it more practical and also easier to sustain the student’s attention for longer durations. 

I like the format used for presentation of the concepts—utilizing “WH” questions.  Doing so targets an additional language goal for many students and sets them up for responding in complete sentences. 

The app settings have several options for the format of the lesson (present items randomly, choose one of nine categories of targeted concepts, give a response, no response or audible signal)  and can address one or more students at a time.   The app will record your scores on a clever “report card” form and will even let you know which concept areas were stronger or weaker by calculating percentages. The app is very user-friendly and could  be used by parents as well as therapist and teachers.   This app sells for $9.99 in the itunes store

Although this app was designed specifically for adjectives,  you could use it to address opposites  for many of the items.   This app has possibilities beyond adjectives if the therapist wishes to get creative.

Overall, this is a great app for addressing adjectives with practical pictures and flexible settings.  I will have fun supplementing my therapy with this nicely designed app—and my kiddos will be happy to have another great reason to use the ipad!!

Do you have a favorite “SPEECHSNACK”???? What ADJECTIVES would you use to describe it??  

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the Smarty Ears company and have received no compensation for review of this app.  The opinions expressed are solely mine.


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June 21, 2012


July is almost here—and  that means it’s almost National Ice Cream Month!  Speechsnacks is celebrating with an ice cream themed app review and giveaway!!!

I was so excited to review this app and share it with you—- created by fellow SLP and award winning children’s author Erik X. Raj.   As you know, Speechsnacks LOVES to use food  as a learning tool for speech and language concepts.   Erik has created a children’s story that teaches  the importance of respect, diversity and friendship using characters (ice cream monsters) created from ice cream—what a great way to teach social skills and life lessons!!  The app is called Ice Cream Monsters…check it out in the itunes store  for $1.99.  Erik was generous enough to provide me with two codes to give away!!  You can enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for this app at the bottom of the post.

Although this app is not designed specifically for speech therapy purposes, it has many features that make it usable in therapy.   I used it with two of my preschool cuties before the school year ended.  The boys are working to correct their /s/ and /s/ blends as well as some basic language concepts.   I used the app with this particular group because the phrase “ice cream monster” is repeated so many times—it was great practice for /s/ and /s/blends (found in words: same, scoops, sprinkles, spoon).


iPad Screenshot 1

The boys LOVED the story and song!!  The app has a catchy little tune at the beginning.  (They even asked me if I could play the song again at the end of the story.)  The graphics are simple yet vibrant and beautifully animated.  The ice cream monsters each have their own little personalities.


iPad Screenshot 2

The kids loved the fun interactive features on each screen—they could tap images with their finger and fly a rocket ship, change the flavor of the ice cream monsters, make them laugh  and help them to play games together.

iPad Screenshot 3

I also used the app to discussed the concept of same vs different. I asked lots of questions about how they were same or different on each screen—it was a good way for me to observe their sounds in conversation.

We used the story to address WH questions as well…..I asked them to guess WHAT flavor the ice cream was.   They had fun guessing and/or making up the flavors. (one of them guessed the green ice cream was pistachio—I was impressed!)

Both boys agreed that some of the scoops looked like mohawks (the ones with the swirly tops)

They debated over the terms “jimmies” vs “sprinkles”

iPad Screenshot 4

One boy asked if  “Planet Amazing Yummy” was a real planet—we talked about what they would do if they really could visit a planet like this —and of course they both said they would eat all the ice cream they possibly could and have fun playing with the monsters.

I like the repetition of the same phrase on each page to drive home the message and make it easy for them to remember it and repeat it.

This was a fun way to incorporate a meaningful life lesson with some speech and language concepts.  I will be sure to use it again!!

You can head over to Erik’s website to learn more about him and all the great stuff he is working on!!



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July 26, 2011

As a thank you to all those who follow Speechsnacks, we are celebrating our 200th facebook “like”  with a great giveaway!! This time it’s a fun “food book” filled with incredible pictures that are both humorous and creative— and sure to inspire lots of conversation with your kiddos!!  A great way for parents to encourage kids to eat their fruits and veggies—and a really cool way to address speech and language for parents and speech therapists alike!!!

Fast Food



I love the amazing creations in this book…a great way to work on expressive language skills and carryover for speech sounds! Plus, it addresses labeling and categorizing fruit vs. vegetables. Not only  are the pictures amazing and funny, this book talks about lots of different emotions–and the fruit and vegetables bear a striking resemblance to those emotions!  Identify/label many different emotions with this fun book.

To Enter, simply click on the Rafflecopter giveaway and answer the following questions!!  Contest ends July 31st at midnight!

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