Multiple Choice Articulation {App Review and a TWO-PART GIVEAWAY!}

What would you rather drink—SNOWMAN SOUP or Stone Soup?   What idea sounds more interesting—eating COWBOY CAVIAR while riding a horse or meeting a real cowboy in a rodeo ring?

If you think these crazy questions sound fun and entertaining, then you are going to want to check out an app that asks hundreds of these silly and creative questions while addressing several speech sounds!!   Multiple Choice Articulation is an app that’s going to have your speech students talking, laughing and getting grossed out all at the same time!!  I can’t say that I know too many apps out there that can do all that!   This app was created by speech-language pathologist, and app developer Erik X. Raj and is currently selling for $9.99 in the itunes store.  ..and believe me, it’s well worth the price tag—let’s check out why!!

multi choice 3

Multiple Choice Articulation asks students silly and often far-fetched questions.  They are required to make a choice between two possibilities.  Students must select one of the choices  given and then support the reason they made their decision.   Specific target sounds are embedded within the choices, which automatically sets the student up to respond using the sound they are working to correct.  Sounds addressed in this app include /s/, /z/, /r/, /l/, /sh/, /ch/ and /th/.


mult choice 2









Questions are asked for each sounds in the initial, medial, final positions and (when applicable) blends.    Navigation is straightforward and simple.  The home screen displays a button for each individual sound.  Tap on the sound and the next screen gives options for practice in each position/blends.  Tap the “home”  button at any time to return to the main screen.


mult choice artic

Each question/choice highlights the targeted sound in bold and follows up with the question “Why?”  You can tap the “hear the question” button to have it read to you (this option provides a well paced, clearly articulated model—and I believe it is also the actual voice of the app creator!)  Also included is a “hear the answer”  button.  I love this feature!   It provides a response to the question and may help the shy or unmotivated student or a child who has difficulty generating responses without assistance by giving a sample response.  At the top of the screen, an arrow for “back” and “next” allows the therapist to revisit a particular questions or move forward and skip questions that may be too challenging, inappropriate for a particular age/grade level, etc.

This app not only targets articulation but also addresses so many other language goals.  By providing choices, it asks students to use higher level critical thinking skills for reasoning and problem solving.  It also requires students to expand the length and complexity of their utterances.

As a therapist who works with a caseload consisting primarily of boys in the  10-18 year old age range, I can confidently say that this app has hit a home run!!  So many of my students are working on improving their higher level language abilities and need support for elaborating on their thoughts/ improving sentence structure.  This app is PERFECT for them—and they find so many of the gross, crazy, strange questions extremely entertaining!

(I was generously provided with a free copy of this app. The opinions in this review are mine and mine alone.)


So if you like what you’ve seen, then you are definitely going to want to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a copy of the code for Multiple Choice Articulation— AND in addition to this amazing app, I’m giving away one FREE copy of my SNOWMAN SOUP activity–now featured on my newly opened TeachersPayTeachers store!!  This activity is selling for $2.25 and focuses on oxymorons.  Remember those?  Oxymorons are a figure of speech that contains two contradicting terms—like “jumbo shrimp” and “dull knife.”   This 22 page download includes two pages of oxymoron  terms, 4 pages of matching oxymoron cards,  3 pages of fill in the blank sentences  and  answer key,  1 “Draw It” page, 1 page of mugs ,  2 pages of candy pieces , 1 page of snowman/snowflake cards ,  1 snowman soup poem  page, 1 collectible  “SpeechSnacks” recipe card page.   You can also check out the entire post and recipe here!

It doesn’t get any better than that!  An awesome app and a great language game all in one giveaway!   Contest ends Friday,  January 11th at midnight!

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3 comments on “Multiple Choice Articulation {App Review and a TWO-PART GIVEAWAY!}

  1. Carla Kampert on said:

    I would use this app with my artic and language kiddos. Sounds like it would be great for my students working on carry over!

  2. I would use this app with my pre-k all the way to my middle school. I could cover a wide range of sounds as well as levels! Plus with the questions I could use it with my language students!

  3. Lisa Maislin on said:

    I am always looking for ways to engage my students with artic practice.. They love new apps and love ones that they can actually manipulate!

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