Sweet Hearts for your sweethearts—{and “SpeechSnacks” to win your hearts!}


It’s all about HEARTS in this week’s post! In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s 1- a quick and creative sweet treat (chocolate heart pretzels), 2-a healthy fruit treat (strawberry hearts and arrowsand 3- a few speech and language treats (Valentine themed games)—to win the hearts of all my ”SpeechSnacks” Valentines!





I can’t think of an easier homemade treat that’s fun for the whole family to make together. I used medium-sized salted thin pretzels. You can use larger ones too, but they tend to break easier while dipping them.








I used dark chocolate to increase the health-value of this treat. Melt 2-3 cups of chocolate over very low heat in a saucepan. Carefully dip each pretzel using a fork. Tap off the excess chocolate. To make your pretzels look more “heart-like” , fill in the holes with additional chocolate once you have placed them on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet.








In an effort to keep these treats semi-healthy, I used dark chocolate M&M’s broken into pieces, dried cranberries–coursely chopped, dried coconut and crystalized ginger, also cut into smaller pieces.








Let your kiddos have fun sprinkling the toppings onto the dipped pretzels!


Place pretzels into the freezer for approx 10 minutes to harden.


Enjoy your beautiful homemade sweet treats with your sweethearts!



Use whole strawberries to make “hearts with arrows”. Simply cut the green leaves off the top, slice the strawberry in half so that both halves are symmetrical. Insert a toothpick (arrow)through the side of the berry halves to hold them together. Be careful to remove toothpick when serving to young children!


  • Use this quick and simple treat to address the concepts of HALF and WHOLE with your kiddos….compare the whole-vs- cut strawberries.
  • Try cutting a strawberry in half  so that both halves are perfectly equal…then talk about EQUAL and NOT EQUAL or SAME and DIFFERENT!
  • Wow…didn’t realize you could learn so much from a strawberry!!


Valentine Games for Speech and Language:


As a speech therapist who is currently working with preschoolers, one of the most popular topics with my little ones  is superheroes and princesses.  When we incorportate these themes into our lessons, their eyes always light up and I have their undivided attention!  Thus, the inspiration for this week’s game.











  • To play this game, you will need a tissue box covered with tissue paper or wrapping paper.  Cut a hole in the top.
  • You will need to purchase Valentine cards with princess and superhero characters.  Purchase multiple boxes of the same type of cards for use with this game.
  • Put all cards in the “valentine mailbox”. Each child takes a turn pulling out a card.  He starts the sentence by saying “My Valentine Friend….” and must say three things describing his picture.  Other students in the group are then given a chance to guess who he is describing.
  •  Also play as a WH game:  Give each student a set of cards.  Everyone should be given the same cards. (either all princesses or all superheroes) Have students take turns asking questions i.e. “What color dress is your princess wearing” or “What special power does your superhero have?

This game addresses many concepts:

1. Articulation

  • to practice the /f/ and /v/ at the sentence level “my Valentine Friend…”
  • to monitor speech sounds in carryover

2. Language skills for:

  • increasing the length and complexity of utterances
  • improving the ability to use descriptive words and adding details
  • Asking/answering WH questions




Instead of superheroes and princesses, you can use these heart graphics to play the same game. cut them apart and use as cards in your valentine mailbox or print out and leave as whole sheets to play the “WH” question game.





Try this game with your kiddos who are working on language goals related to IDIOMS, INFERENCING, SENTENCE BUIILDING and CARRYOVER FOR ARTICULATION—Print out the Heart cards above and use them with to play the game found in the “Heart Warming Words” link.




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One comment on “Sweet Hearts for your sweethearts—{and “SpeechSnacks” to win your hearts!}

  1. Marlana on said:

    I have to say this Valentine recipe was great all around! We loved the pretzels & enjoyed a strawberry snack while learning some measurements. We created all of the cards posted & played all of the games. I had great conversations with my boys while helping them practice their speech & language skills by playing all of the games here.

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