Ladybug Salad—{with “SpeechSnacks” for /l/ sentences”


Have you started planting your summer garden yet??  Will it be filled with flowers? Vegetables?  Both?  No matter what you decide to plant, you are sure to find lots of these little buggers in your flowers and veggies all season long—ladybugs!  So after I planted my flowers last week I was inspired to create a post that was seasonally appropriate, healthy, and a fun way to get the kids to try some fruits and veggies!  I recently discovered broccoli slaw in Trader Joe’s and have been using it to make salads every chance I get!  The ingredients double as a kid friendly “ladybug” salad and a crunchy, refreshing and sweet salad that grown ups will find satisfying as well.  I have also created my first post using Custom Boards by Smarty Ears (it was on sale this month for Better Hearing and Speech Month so I took full advantage.)  I LOVE this app for so many reasons—-you can create flashcards, game boards, worksheets…the possibilities are endless!!  Hope your speech kiddos working on /l/ at the sentence level find it fun and informative—not only will they be practicing their /l/, but learning some interesting facts about this cool creature as well!  And don’t forget to check out my fun video for ladybug salad—learn some math and spatial concepts while playing with your fruits and veggies!!


Here’s that great broccoli slaw I found in Trader Joe’s. It contains shredded broccoli stalks and carrots–that’s it—simple and good for you. It’s up to you to prepare it how you see fit.








Slice one red apple in half.








Place approximately one cup of broccoli slaw on a plate. Center the apple half on top of the slaw. Carefully push toothpicks into the sides of the apple–two per side. Slice half of a grape and press each half onto the toothpicks to create the little ladybug legs. Add another toothpick where the head should be placed. Slide on a whole grape here.













Here’s the part the kids will love—have them spread a small dab of peanut butter on a raisin (hint: less is more!!) Place the raisin gently onto the red part of the apple. Repeat to your hearts content— giving the ladybug lots of spots!!     Add a couple eyes to the head. Cut your raisin in half in order to fit the eyes.













Almost too cute to eat!! I left the broccoli slaw plain, however if your kiddo has a favorite dressing then add it to the salad or on the side of the plate.







I like to make a light dressing to accompany this slaw salad. It’s light enough to allow you to appreciate all the great natural flavors. In a small bowl, combine 1/4 cup of mayonaisse–I prefer safflower mayo—it’s low in fat yet still creamy. Add 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.













I basically used most of the same ingredients in the kid- friendly version, plus a few little additions. Combine 2 cups broccoli slaw, one roughly chopped apple, a couple handfuls of halved grapes, raisins or (I prefer) dried cranberries, a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. Pour dressing over the salad and mix well.














For this game you will be making two piles:  1–/l/ sentence card pile  which also indicates how many ladybugs to draw from the pile  and 2–ladybug cards/ladybug catchers

If your kiddo is working on the /l/ sound, this is a fun and informative way to practice their sound. The game sheet includes 20 cards.  15 are /l/ sentences and facts about ladybugs.  The last row of picture cards are “ladybug catchers.”  Make an extra copy of this sheet so that you have additional “ladybug catchers” to add to the second card pile.  You can also add the second copy of /l/sentences to the pile for additional opportunities to practice the sentences.










This set of printables includes 20 individual ladybugs.  Print out this sheet and make 3 additional copies.  Cut out the cards, place them on construction paper and laminate for extra durability.  You will have a total of 80 ladybugs to use.












To Play:

  • Pick a sentence card.  Say the sentence using a good /l/.
  • Draw from the second pile as many ladybugs as are indicated on the sentence card.
  • Continue around the group collecting as many ladybugs as each card indicates after good /l/ productions are made.
  • If you draw a ladybug catcher, you must put all your ladybugs back in the card pile!!
  • Play continues until the sentence pile is used up.
  • Count all your ladybugs to see who has collected the most!

****Cards can also be used to address auditory memory skills for remembering a short sentence as well as auditory comprehension for the ladybug facts!



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