Witches Brew!! {with SpeechSnacks for “I have…who has” Halloween game}

There’s nothing like a good bowl of witches brew to LIFT THE SPIRITS!   So stay for a SPELL and check out the video below for a fun song that your little ghosts and goblins will go BATTY for!     Then head to your own CAULDRON and conjure up some witches brew with the ingredients I have listed below.  Enjoy this spooky snack at your own risk!  Witches brew is known to turn kids into creepy creatures, parents into paranormal spirits and teachers into Transylvania blood suckers!



Get creative with your choice of ingredients….I’ve mixed up some salty and sweet treats for our brew, but you can certainly create other “gross” ingredients from the items in your pantry or by visiting the grocery store snack aisle.  It’s a great opportunity for your kids to “think outside the box” !!!

For this recipe I used:

blue corn chips=bat’s wings

red licorice=bloody worms

cheese curls=rotten bones

popcorn=bat brains

gum drops=spider’s eggs

chocolate chips=witches warts

mini marshmallows=ghost’s guts

yogurt covered raisins=pigeon poop

raisins=bloated ants

sliced almonds=witches nails

kale chips=dried frog skin


Kale is one of the most nutrient dense vegetable you can consume!  Dried kale chips are flavored, crunchy and a great substitute for salty, greasy potato chips!  And these looked perfect for our witches brew.  The color and texture makes great “dried frog skin” !!!!!!!!!!


Have your kiddos add the ingredients to a plastic cauldron.  Ask them to add them in an ordered sequence and see how many they can remember!


Gently toss and stir your witches brew and serve it up!

Download this FREE printable for “I have…who has.” HERE!!!!! 


brew 3












Each card has an ingredient used in this week’s recipe.   Cut out and laminate the cards for durability. Distribute cards evenly among all student in the group.  Ask student to read the card, using proper grammar tense for HAVE and HAS.  For non-readers, model the correct tense and have them use the pictures as cues.  This activity also reinforces good “WH” question formation and LISTENING SKILLS.   



Cut a slit at the top of the pot and adhere it to a piece of construction paper.  Be sure to leave a space at the top to remove all the cards.   Students pick a picture from the pile and  say.: “I put spider eggs in my witches brew.”  The picture is then added to the slit at the top of the pot.  The next student picks a picture and must remember the previous item plus their own.  “I put spider eggs and bat wings in my witches brew.” Play continues as long as students can keep remembering all the items being added to the pot. 


brew 1


So I found this very cute and kid-friendly app in the iTunes store and thought it would be fun to give a few away….It’s called Witches Brew—Halloween Potion making Fun! which was so fitting for this week’s post!!  Sign in to the rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win one of four codes!!  Contest ends October 25th at the “witching hour” of Midnight!! 






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5 comments on “Witches Brew!! {with SpeechSnacks for “I have…who has” Halloween game}

  1. Nanette on said:

    I might add toasted, salted pumpkin seed “guts” to my brew;)

  2. Jennifer on said:

    Very cute ideas…thanks for sharing!

  3. Andispeech on said:

    I would add hard boiled eggs – eyes!!!

  4. Hallie on said:

    chocolate lol

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