“Put a Candle on the Cake” A speechie game and birthday treat for a special day!


As a mom, room parent and a school-based speech therapist, I’ve seen my share of kid’s parties!  As many of us know, food allergies are running rampant in schools and we all need to be careful and aware of the guidelines and  limitations regarding foods offered for  birthdays, class parties and other special days.  Many schools have specific lists of which foods you can and cannot bring into the building for parties.  Some school’s guidelines are stricter than others.

I think I have come up with an idea that might just  meet the approval of the “food-allergy police!”   I call it “Birthday Choco-Pop-Fetti!” It contains NO WHEAT, NO SOY, NO DAIRY,  NO NUTS—it DOES contain popcorn, allergy-free chocolate and sprinkles—that’s it!  I hope you might find it permissible at your next school celebration or as a treat for the special birthday students that you teach!


This week I’ve created a BIRTHDAY ACTIVITY PACKET that you can find at my TeachersPayTeachers store.










This 20 page download includes 3 “Put A Candle on the Cake” game mats. (pgs 4-6) Cut a slot on the white lines  of each game mat.  Insert candles into these spaces for correct answers.

Candles (pgs 7-9)are marked with numbers 1,2 and 3 on the flames.  Candles should be cut and thoroughly mixed up in a basket/box.  Players randomly pick a candle and insert it into their cake mat for correct responses.  Add up all point on the flames to determine the winner!


For best results, laminate the cake mat first, next cut slits where indicated, then glue or staple an  additional sheet of paper to the back of the mat to hold the candles in place.









Target areas include 12 category cards (pgs 10-11), 18‘WH’ Questions (pgs 12-14) and 6 problem solving cards(pg 15).  Use them together or to address one language goal at a time.

Also included is a birthday reminder chart, birthday certificate and open-ended birthday game board. (pgs 16-18)

It’s a great (food-free) way to remember and celebrate your student’s birthdays!!  If you have the time and “green light” from your school, you can also throw in my allergy-free sweet treat as an extra bonus!


Birthday Choco-Pop-Fetti!


***be sure to read ALL ingredients carefully to be sure your recipe will be allergy-free!!!!

4 cups air popped popcorn (without butter)

1  10 oz bag semi-sweet chocolate chunks/chips (dairy, nut and soy free)

multi-color sprinkles

Turn this treat into a language lesson at home or school—this is a very child-centered, hands on activity!!



(There are several brands of allergy-free chocolate available….I received NO compensation by this company for using their product in my post)



Melt chocolate pieces over a low flame, stirring constantly to prevent burning and even melting.

Children should not be left unattended if helping to melt chocolate!!!  Ask them to COMPARE the difference between the solid and melted chocolate.  Ask them to explain WHAT caused the chocolate to melt?  




Spread popcorn on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper

Ask your kiddos what popcorn is made from?  Have them guess the name of the “yellow seed” (kernel).  Ask them why they think the kernel pops?  (When you heat a popcorn kernel, water inside begins to expand. When the temperature reaches 100 deg C (212 deg F), the water tries to evaporate but the outer covering is so strong that it can’t. Instead, pressure begins building inside the kernel just like in a pressure cooker. This causes the kernel to burst!)



Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn

Fun for the kids to do!!  Think of other words that rhyme with DRIZZLE as you do this! (fizzle, sizzle, chisel) and define the  meaning of these words!  



Add sprinkles evenly over chocolate coating

Let kids help to sprinkle and think of other things that are mulit-colored! (a rainbow, a pinwheel, a beach ball for starters!)


Place cookie sheet into the freezer for 15 minutes so chocolate has time to harden.

Ask your kids to tell you why the chocolate gets hard when placed in the freezer.


Break apart large chunks of popcorn mixture and place in cupcake liners.  Happy (allergy-free) Birthday!!! Enjoy!

















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  1. What an adorable idea!!! Love it!!!! And stop making me hungry!

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