Touchdown Taco Dip–and speechsnacks for Phonological Awareness Football!

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Football season is still going strong!  The new year brings college bowl games, playoffs and the Super Bowl!  So in keeping with the sport of choice that entertains many of us during the winter months, I am sharing Touchdown Taco Dip to bring to your next football party.  To accompany it,  I have created a game—Phonological Awareness Football –appropriate for your young sports enthusiasts.  Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store for a fun game worth cheering about—GO TEAM!

Phonological Awareness Football—Play TWO ways!

This download includes 21 pages:



2 pages of five color-coded helmet categories including: syllable segmentation……


…identifying if word pairs rhyme



… identifying how many syllables are in each word, and sounds that begin and end words.



Blank cards for each category are also included to add your own words to cards.

Game 1 is played similarly to Candy Land—Cut and laminate cards for durability.  Shuffle cards well and place in a pile.  Pick a football card and move to the colored helmet that corresponds with the one on the card.  Use the Game Key as a guide for asking your students to carry out the task.  i.e.—if you pick a yellow helmet=“how many syllables are in the word football?” , pick a green helmet= “listen to all the parts of the word and tell me the word:  g/a/me”

 Game 2 is called “Complete the Pass”  Cut out the hand templates (or trace your student’s hands and use them instead!)  Tape the paper hands to a wall.  Respond to the cards using the Game Key (as in Game 1), but have your student close their eyes and try to place the football between the hands—no peeking! (put a piece of tape on the back of the card before they place it).  Whoever gets closest to putting the footballs directly between the hands scores a point!  Be sure to have them stand a couple feet away to start, then spin them around once or twice and have them walk to the wall (think Pin the Tail on the Donkey)


**keep in mind that ALL the words in this game are related to football vocabulary—use the game cards to create your own version of the game for targeting language goals

A collectible “speechsnacks” recipe card is included in the download for Touchdown Taco Dip—-the perfect dish for your football playoffs or Super Bowl party!!  This recipe is easy to make and can be use for practicing sequencing and direction following with your kiddos!  Let your kids SPREAD, SPRINKLE, POUR and STIR.  Have your child use these key words when DESCRIBING the recipe process. An adult should heat the mixture on the stove top  and chop the scallions, however the majority of this recipe is very child-centered!!   Print out the pictures and use them to RECALL and SEQUENCE the steps.

You can find the complete activity at  my TpT store!


Ingredients: this simple recipe contains 1 can refried beans, (refried beans are vegetarian and fat free!!!) 1 teaspoon taco seasoning, 1 16 oz jar salsa–I prefer mild, 3/4 cup Greek strained yogurt (but sour cream can be used as well) , 1 cup shredded cheddar/jack cheese, 3 chopped green onions


I love to use Greek  strained yogurt.  Notice the thick, rich consistency of this yogurt.


I use taco seasoning often. I prefer a jar of seasoning instead of the seasoning packets. It lasts longer, is more economical  and contains much less sodium than the packaged brand name Mexican seasonings


Over low heat, mix the content of one can of refried beans, a small amount of salsa and the taco seasoning. Mix well until heated.


Spread mixture into an 8X8 inch glass pan.


Pour and spread one 16 oz jar of salsa onto the bean layer


Next, spoon on the yogurt. Due to it’s thickness, it may not spread evenly. I like to place small spoonfuls over the salsa layer and then spread gently. If it mixes in with the salsa, no worries–no one will ever notice!


Sprinkle cheese layer evenly over the yogurt.


Finally, chop green onions and evenly sprinkle over cheese. You can also add red and/or green peppers, black olives or any other toppings you think would work with these flavors.  Enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips and a refreshing drink of choice!










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