“Are we there yet?” {and an end-of-the-school-year FREEBIE!}

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”   No, I’m not referring to a popularly annoying phrase uttered by children as they endure the long car ride during your travels.    I’m referring to the voice inside my own head that keeps wondering when the school year will be over!   “Are we there yet?”  Almost!!” Just a little bit longer. We will be there soon!”  I keep repeating the monologue to myself in order to stay energized and focused.  Funny how these words can apply so perfectly to both of these scenarios!  My school year has just a few days remaining and I intend to make the most of them!  My middle and high school kiddos need to stay motivated and interested so I created a freebie in my TpT store as a means of keeping all of us engaged for just a little longer.

I created “School’s Out for the Summer—A Language Activity for Middle and High School Students”as an open-ended/“WH” question activity geared toward middle and high school students with an “end-of-the-school year” theme.

It includes:
•8 question cards/scenarios related to situations experienced at the end of the school year.
•8 speech and thought bubbles to fill in and/or discuss  (great for addressing social skills and making predictions)
•12 “Summer Suggestions” cards and a blank “To Do” list to keep tweens and teens busy and boredom-free all summer long! Use these cards as a discussion exercise or challenge them to create a summer to-do list (including some of these ideas.) You can ask them to be prepared to talk about the “summer suggestion” that they followed through with when they return.

School's Out for the Summer!{FREE} Language Activity for m

This freebie activity can be used to target many speech and language skills including: answering questions, naming tasks, good sentence structure, social language/conversation skills, making predictions, fluency and articulation.  And if you like these character graphics, then stay tuned because  Anna, Chris, Mary, Liz , Kelly, Joe and the rest of the gang will be returning when the new school year begins!!  (Follow my store and you’ll know when they are back in town to make another appearance!)

“Are we there yet?”  Well, not yet, but my internal GPS indicates that I am just a few “miles” away from summer break!  I can’t wait until I reach my destination!


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